Peace Tea (Fan Review!)

   After a quick perusal of the multi-sectioned    beverage cooler at a generic, one-pump gas station aptly named 'Mart,' I    noticed a tall can located in a corner enclave.  The curious product    was named 'Peace Tea'.  Brightly colored artwork of a clearly Asian crowd emblazoned    the cans panoramic label. After a quick scan of the somewhat    inviting beverage,  comic book style thought bubbles    floating above two of the crowd members heads where    revealed.  Thought provoking platitudes filled the space of the    aforementioned illustrations and contained phrases such as,    "Question Authority'," and "Be your own    boss." Interesting bullet points for a tea drink for sure.     This may mean that the drink, much like the label, is multidimensional.     Always on the lookout for unique new drinks to    try, and intrigued by this unusual pitch, I made my    selection and journeyed back to my abode.

   The first sip revealed a profoundly    generic taste eclipsed only by a sweetness usually not found    outside of a carnival concession stand.  As my Peace Tea    experience was still young,  I thought that  it might take    several more sips  for the complexities of the taste to    fully develop.  Not true my friends, not true.  Further    consumption revealed that the overly sweet taste was an unfortunate    constant and stayed on the tongue like an unwelcome parasite.       Upon reading the FDA required ingredients list, conveniently written in    small type on the back of the can, I was informed that two forms of    sugar where used to complete the formula for this beverage.  Let    me reemphasize that point, two forms of sugar where used in the    formula for this drink. 

   So armed with the knowledge  that    this drink was intentionally mixed with a throat punch    style sweetness, and with approximately one fourth of a 24    ounce can consumed, the review process was stopped.  Much like a    bad date, this can and I separated early to save everyone, or this case    just  me, time and energy. 

Rating:  Buyer Beware!  Folks, I    can't tell you not to get a can of this, but I defiantly will be exercising    my freedom of choice and never return to    the "Peace Tea" version of events. 


Peace Tea460.jpg

Much like a peach, peace is also fuzzy