Jones Soda Fufu Berry

I ask this question a lot, or at least a version of this question.  “Why don’t we review more *insert soda brand here*?”  Today the soda brand in question is Jones soda.  Why don’t we review more Jones soda when they’ve proven time and time again that they make a solid product.  Well it’s actually a liquid, but a Jones Popsicle would be most delicious. The flavor of Jones I have in front of me is titled Fufu Berry Soda.  I’ve looked all over the bottle to see if there was any kind of hint as to what Fufu Berry might taste like.  The back of the bottle just told me “artificial flavors” while the front of the bottle sported a humorous picture of a dog sitting halfway off a chair.  The color is a warm and rosy pink, also alluding to the fact that numerous berry flavors will be experienced.  You know about Jones the company so I won’t go into that.  If you do need more info I’m always good for an e-mailed question… 70% of the time.  Open says me!

Upon opening I immediately want my wife to start wearing Jones Fufu Berry as a fragrance.  So if you could please get on that Jones Soda Co.  This smells wonderful!  I get hints of raspberry, strawberry, maybe some lavender in there.  Seriously this is a very versatile aroma… I want to bathe in this.  Before I spend waaaaay to much money on bath water I should find out if it tastes good enough to drink instead.

I like it!  I said that in such a simple way because Jones Fufu Berry seems to be about on par with a simple pleasure.  This is a fun drink that tastes like a wonderful candy but isn’t overly sweet.  Oddly enough if you just pour it in your mouth with no swishes at all the flavor seems to hold back, waiting on your mouth to make the first move.  Your tongue is tickled with a generous amount of light carbonation, as your taste buds begin to truly explore the Fufu Berry flavor.  Once again I taste the raspberry most of all with what I can only imagine is the strawberry following close behind.  I’ll be honest though, it’s rather difficult for me to separate all the different berry flavors they may have used, artificial flavors or not.  During the middle of its performance the Fufu Berry gives your mouth a kick like you might expect out of a fruit punch.  As much as I enjoyed it Jones Fufu Berry Soda isn’t something I see myself drinking a lot of.  This is a party drink to me for those of your friends that don’t drink alcohol, or who just prefer fun soda.  The fragrance I first experienced did indeed win out over the taste which is a shame, but I honestly don’t know how the taste could have beaten that amazing bouquet.  With all that said, written actually, this is a really fun drink to have/serve/enjoy.  I do suggest you find some Fufu Berry and share it with your friends.

Verdict – Buy a Pack!


Jones Fufu Berry580.jpg

The dog on the label was initially facing forward, but Twist intimidated him too much.