Jones Berry Lemonade

I like Jones Soda, they’re good people.  My step-sister was at a wedding expo and there was a Jones Soda booth.  Being of sound mind and body they went to try some soda samples.  Since my step-sister is a wonderful person she began bragging on the website, the very one you’re reading now.  Well the Jones Soda rep knew about it already, because everyone in this story is awesome, and she gave my step-sister some sodas for me to review.  One of them has a label and it’s label says Jones Berry Lemonade Soda.  The other two are naked so figuring them out might be a bit of a challenge.  

Thankfully, today’s review is the clearly marked Jones Berry Lemonade… so let’s get on with that.

Twist was absent the day this picture was taken.

Well for one thing it’s blue.  It’s so very blue.  If anti-freeze was blue it’d look like this.  Secondly, Jones uses can sugar in their sweetening.  I’m expecting a very fruity, very sugary, very flavorful beverage.  Let’s see if I’m right.

This blue, blue soda smells a bit like cotton candy.  The scent is heavily laced with sugar, so much so that I’m a little worried this might be too sweet.  Of course “too sweet” is a subjective term so take it for what you will.

This just in!  Jones Berry Lemonade Soda is NOT too sweet, I repeat it is NOT too sweet.  In fact it’s got a pretty good level of sugar.  It’s almost like they make sodas for a living.  As far as the taste goes I’m quite happy with it.  The lemonade shines through almost as vibrantly as the blue color.  This thing is so blue anyone who walks past me gets sad and starts playing harmonica.  Anywho, the lemonade is a great partner to the “berry” flavor.  It’s almost like a defibrillator is being used on my tongue.  

The closest real world item I can compare this to is liquid blue SweetTarts.  It’s not raspberry flavor per say, but the taste is close enough that I feel comfortable comparing the two.  All in all this is a really fun soda to drink.  It’s got a really exciting and fun taste that differentiates well from other berry or lemon based sodas.  It’s not the most refreshing soda out there, but I’d put this in the “dessert soda” category so I’m not all that concerned with refreshment.

So there you have it.  Jones Berry Lemonade soda is definitely worth picking up.  It’s got a great mouth feel, flavor, and experience.  It’s a little syrupy towards the end, but nothing that should scare you away.

Verdict - Buy a Pack!


A nice lady at a wedding expo gave this to my step-sister who in turn gave this to me