Fress Kolita

   It’s been a while since we’ve had something with an international flavor.Today we bring to you Fress Kolita... a Venezuelan cola.This was given to us by a co-worker, so I don’t exactly know what I’m getting into.I do know that the can is very fun looking, and has the phrase “Explosion de Sabor” around the top of it.Since I took German in high school I can only guess the first two words of this phrase:“Explosion of...”Let me see if I can decipher anymore after visiting their website.

   Ok, that’s an insanely fun website song.Go listen to this website right now, it’ll cheer you up... then come back and read the review.  By the way... it means Explosion of Flavor.

   Their chemical list isn’t too bad, little bit of carbonated water, citric acid, some artificial colors, and flavors, and sweetened with sugar.It does have the preservative Sodium Benzoate in it... which I’m learning to dislike more, and more as I talk to some of the soda manufacturers.Let’s just get to drinkin’.After cracking open the can, I can smell something very similar to Big Red.Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Big Red (except for its name), so I’m a bit wary of what’s to come.

   This tastes alright; I can tell you that much right off the bat.While it does have a bit of a Big Red taste, it’s smoother than America’s #1 Red Soda (their words not mine).Fress Kolita also holds the flavor of a red cream soda.It’s a little bit like cotton candy in a can, as you notice the sugar right away.The carbonation doesn’t really knock you back either, but it seems to cover a large surface area of your tongue.While this is a tasty beverage, it’s nothing to write home about... what a boring letter that would be.Wait... that’s pretty much what this website is founded on.Ignore that last sentence.

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!


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