Dry Vanilla Bean Soda

The last time I reviewed a Dry brand soda I wrote the following thoughts.

When I drink Dry Soda I almost feel like my palette isn’t complex enough to fully comprehend it, and then I see them suggest quail as a pairing… and I sigh.  Dry Soda Juniper Berry, and Dry Soda as a whole it seems, is not for someone who thinks they love soda.  Juniper Berry, much like lavender, is so complex it’s intimidating.

You see how confused I was to the intricacies of the flavor?  I’ve passed numerous flavors of Dry in the super market/grocery store/foodery and every time I don’t feel as if I’m ready.  That quote is from a review three years ago.  Three years have passed with me fearing that my pallet was too immature.  My main supplier that is not a company, Dustin, didn’t realize I had this fear… or if he did felt it was time I conquered it.  So sitting in front me is Dry Vanilla Bean Soda.  It’s snazzy looking with it’s clear on clear appearance and simplistically modern logo.  On the back I see that it has four ingredients: purified carbonated water, cane sugar, natural extracts, and phosphoric acid.  I find it amusing that it doesn’t say that the extracts are from; I would hope they’re from vanilla beans or something that would make sense. 

Just for fun, and to psyche myself out, I looked up what I should pair this with.  Apparently roast chicken, summer salads, white fish, fresh fruit, and panna cotta are what is recommended.  I have no idea what panna cotta is, but the internet assures me it’s a dessert of some sort.  Well I don’t have any of those in front of me, but I did have sushi for the first time about 2 hours ago.  That’s good enough, right?

Upon opening the bottle I’m pleased to say that I actually get a hint of delicious vanilla.  It holds a very sweet flavor in its aroma, but I know Dry Sodas are known for their subtlety, so I know this may be some sort of trick.  Let’s find out together, shall we?

Almost instantly the first taste that hits my lips is that of club soda.  My brain panics and starts to have flashbacks of soda review confusion.  Before my brain can begin hyperventilating a new sensation reaches my taste buds.  The cool vanilla bean strides into town, noticed, but not making any noise.  The closer he gets the more I appreciate his being there.  As the drink finds its way to my stomach the cool vanilla bean vanishes as well, only to repeat his calm stroll when I put the bottle back up to my mouth.  Each sip is exactly like the last as Dry Vanilla Bean Soda does not build upon itself.  It’s clean, it’s quick, and it’s quite refreshing.  Perhaps where I went wrong with Dry in the past was trying to enjoy flavors like Lavender and Juniper Berry when I hadn’t even attempted a more normal Vanilla Bean. 

With that said, I’m not thrilled with Dry Vanilla Bean, but at least I feel like I can understand what it’s trying to do.  I don’t really like the initial club soda taste and the kid inside of me yearns for a stronger vanilla flavor.  Dry Vanilla Bean soda makes me want a full on sugary cream soda and that’s not because Dry Vanilla Bean is bad, but because it’s not my preference. 

So here we are at the end of the review.  The score will be exactly the same as the previous two Dry entries, but I feel my fear of understanding this soda has been conquered.  Thank you, Dry.  I’ll take that part of my life back now!

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


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