Dewmocracy 2010


Instead of sitting back this year and letting people vote on the annual Dewmocracy decision without our input, we decided to instead tell you exactly which flavor to vote for.  No input, just commands.

First we have Distortion.  At first glance you'd think "gee, that looks like regular Mountain Dew."  Boy, are you a brand new level of wrong, my friend.  This is Mountain Dew which has been blasted with lime.  BLASTED.  

The Dew in this one is barely there, which is deceiving because when you smell it the lime scent isn't really noticeable.  It's good though, recommendable to anyone looking for a low-grade lime soda.

Next is White Out, described as having being a smooth citrus Dew.  I'd rather them save white for "mystery flavor."  Anything white should always be a mystery flavor.  What a waste.

Again, not bad.  Also, again, the Dew is hardly noticeable.  This is very Fresca to me, or, as I hear someone comment on after trying it on the Popcast, tastes like Squirt.  I suppose the mystery here is which flavor of citrus they were going after.

Finally we have Typhoon, which gives Dew a "punch of tropical."  I suppose this is different from a tropical punch flavored Dew.  

For having such a sweet candy flavor, it's disappointing drinking it.  It's definitely a tropical punch drink, but, again, not Dew-y enough.  This tastes like something you'd get at a dollar store cooler when you were a kid.

So what's the final verdict?  Go with Distortion.  While these all would easily get a rating of...

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!'s the lime that really stands out here.  While neither of us will probably buy another one of these again, it's important that we keep the best one out there in circulation so when future readers get to this article they say "boy, I wish I could try the best one of these" and then they can.