Death Valley Cola

Without looking for confirmation, I’m pretty sure we haven’t reviewed a cola in a long while.  Let me confirm that… ok so I reviewed Pepsi X less than a week ago, but that’s a cola with fruit in it.  The last pure cola we reviewed was back on March one.  Alright, let me start over.  It’s been a little over a month since a cola has been reviewed on this site.  Today’s selection sounded particularly tasty when I held it in my hand.  Death Valley Cola is what I’ll be consuming and the bottle says that it’s “A Taste of the Old West”.  The label includes a lone tumbleweed and a stagecoach drawn by 4 horses.  This illustration looks to be printed on a piece of parchment completing the “Old West” feel.  Seems pretty manly to me and since I just finished up moving a load of bricks this must be the right choice of beverage.

 The first ingredient is Indian Wells Artesian Spring Water followed by cane sugar.  These two ingredients delight me for a couple of reasons.  First off you need to have a good source of water for the basis of your soda.  Now I have no idea if the above listed source of water is any good, but it sounds good so they’re already in my brain.  Reason two I’m appreciative of those ingredients is that they just have “cane sugar” listed on the bottle.  Not, pure cane sure, untouched by human hands cane sugar, raw cane sugar… just cane sugar.  That’s all I need.  I don’t need the type of sugar fancied up.  If pure cane sugar is somehow different than cane sugar I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t think it is.  Smell time.

A mild cola scent quickly escapes the bottle.  In my opinion the aroma of Death Valley Cola should stay and fight, punching your nose with a fist tattooed with the word “COLA”.  Instead I get a rather weak cola smell.  Taste time.

While I haven’t been punched in the face I am happy to report that the taste is stronger than the scent.  Death Valley Cola has an interesting cola flavor backed up with what seems to be a caramel/root beer hybrid.  The last half of each sip seems to be populated by that hybrid flavor.  This doesn’t hurt the soda in any way; I feel it just softens the potential harshness that Death Valley Cola could wreak on the back of my throat.  Now I personally like a cola that makes me cringe a little with each sip.  Since Coke is the number one soda in the world I’d say that most enjoy the sharp sensation it brings.  Death Valley Cola is soft in comparison as the carbonation shows you the door to the rough sensation, but never opens it. 

Even though I feel that it could be a more complete cola I’m still happy with the overall experience it brings to the table.  It’s a robust beverage that doesn’t taste watery at all and the ingredients used are noticed though out.  There is not a heavy mouth feel to the aftertaste which can be attributed to the pure raw unfiltered cane sugar and the “Artesian Spring Water” keeps the taste clean.  Death Valley Cola is good stuff; it just doesn’t happen to fall into an elite group.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


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