BJ's Brewery Orange Crème Soda (Fan Review!)

   BJ's Brewery has a wide selection of food and drink to fit most any taste.  So while looking over the menu for a dinner selection I spotted a flavor of micro brewed soda I had yet to try.  BJ's Brewery Micro Brewed Orange Crème Soda is the drink at hand, and with little delay Order a frosty mug.  BJ's service is impeccable, and the bartender Roy remembered me from my last visit and quickly procured an already cold glass from a small refrigerator from behind the bar. 

   Now with a pint of micro brewed orange crème soda in front of me, and enough time to enjoy a few rounds I decide to give this potential gem a fair review. The first thing that catches my attention is the color of the beverage itself.  Bright pumpkin orange is the only way I can describe this unique hue.  Honestly, the color looks somewhat unnatural for a soda in my opinion, but the other flavors of soda at BJ's are liquid greatness so I mute my disdain and keep an open mind.  The second thing that catches my attention is the smell.  Faint and subtle the smell is almost undetectable, but still there.  It smells like synthetic orange flavoring.  Unlike other orange flavored beverages, this one does not smell cheap.

   So I take a sip.  It isn't bad.  I'm really not a fan of orange drinks because they usually taste like some variant of Tang and are of a poor quality.  This one is different.  The orange taste is clearly synthetic but is subtle and blended well with the cane sugar used for sweetener.  The beverage remains cold and carbonated the entire time it’s in my glass which adds to the overall enjoyment.  Overall I enjoy the taste and find it far better than any orange drink I have had before.  I like BJ's Brewery Orange Crème Soda and will probably have it again during my next visit. 

Final Review:  Buy a bottle.  Folks, there are many things in life which fall into the "at least try it once" category, I certainly would put the sweet yum nectar known as BJ's Brewery Orange Crème Soda on that list.


BJ's Brewery Vanilla Cream Soda580.jpg