Avery's Half Grapefruit Half Lemon

While I was perusing my local Ace Hardware’s oddly extensive soda selection I happened upon the oldest looking label I’d seen to date.  The label on Avery’s Half Grapefruit Half Lemon Soda looks like something you would find back in the fledgling stages of glass bottled sodas.  It’s completely text based with the exception of a coin printed right in the middle with what looks to be wheat on it.  According to this bottle coin the Avery’s brand was established in 1904… seems about right.  Even the flavor lives up to being from a simpler time of sodas.  “What kind of soda is this?” you might ask as you look at the bottle.  The cap clearly states that this soda is Half Grapefruit Half Lemon.  There’s you’re two flavors and their respective percentages.  Done.  What’s a little scary is there isn’t an ingredient list anywhere on the bottle, just a blurb that tells me they use cane sugar and the finest quality ingredients.  Perhaps the legal ingredient list was on the original pack of Avery’s and since I only purchased a bottle I’m not privy to such information.  Judging by the two flavors listed on the cap I’m going to go ahead and assume that this will be a rather tart beverage; guess the only thing left to do is try it.

Yes, Avery’s Half Grapefruit Half Lemon Soda does smell a bit like a household cleaner, but I honestly wouldn’t be much of a soda reviewer if I expected much differently.  It’s a very strong citrus wind that blows from the mouth of the bottle.  I truly hope this makes my mouth regret drinking it with at least a split second of sour.

Avery’s HGHL Soda does have more than your average bite to it in the flavor department.  The grapefruit and lemon (as described on the cap) are both given equal opportunity to shine.  When you think the grapefruit flavor is ending the lemon comes in and performs and just when you think the lemon is done back comes the grapefruit.  They really do work rather harmoniously together.  The carbonation is lower than other sodas so it really shows me that all of the tart I’m experiencing is coming from the flavor and not an illusion created by harsh bubbles.  After each sip my mouth is awash with citrus flavor and I think if this were a traditional fruit soda (cherry, grape, orange) that it would be off putting.  The subtle flavors of grapefruit and lemon however don’t really build upon themselves that much so the lasting after taste I receive is almost identical to the initial swig.  As great of a soda as this is there isn’t anything that takes it to the next level for me so I’m having trouble rating it.  I would like multiples of this on hand at any given time, but something tells me a pallet would be too much.  If you’re a grapefruit/lemon fan though don’t listen to me, just go right out there and buy this soda.  You won’t regret it.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


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