Starbucks Refresher Raspberry Pomegranate (Fan Review!)

Starbucks is a name synonymous with high octane coffee.  Their outlets seem to scatter the landscape like buckshot.  Rarely stepping foot into any of their stores my knowledge of their product line is scant at best.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a product emblazoned with the Starbucks logo at my local petrol center.  Starbucks Refreshers Raspberry Pomegranate Flavor is the beverage at hand and it looked promising from its shelf.  I took the slim can from its glass encased perch and studied the label to see what the aluminum cased fluid is all about.  First the can tells me that this stuff is a “sparkling green coffee energy beverage.”  What is green coffee exactly?  I don’t know, but that is a good reason to buy the can and do a review.  So I make the purchase, trading green paper for the green version of something that typical resembles tar.

At home with my chilled can I resume studying the label and am greeted with the fact that this stuff is made with real fruit juice, promising indeed my friends, promising indeed.  It’s also made with the extract of green coffee beans, whatever that means.  So I open the can.  A strange scent greets my nostrils.  So I take a gulp.  A sickly sweet blend of raspberry and pomegranate lingers in my mouth like paste.  I don’t like that aftertaste one bit.  So I take another sip.  The taste grows on me somewhat, but the aftertaste traumatizes my mouth yet again.  So I set the can down disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish what appears to be a healthy alternative to the usual energy drink fare. 

Final review:  Buyer Beware!  This stuff tastes okay, but the aftertaste kills it.


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Dublin Vanilla Cream Soda (Fan Review!)

from Roy:

I like the retro bottle of Dublin Vanilla Cream soda. Also, I like the smell, and the color is good. I think it has the "proper" amount of sweetness and carbonation. I found the initial flavor very "vanilla-ey," with a lingering vanilla taste. However, over time, the flavor became mediocre. The vanilla taste seemed to fade a bit. However, it's a good soda. Buy a bottle.

from Becky:

The bottle of the soda is done in retro style, which neither attracts nor repels me. The soda is the color that I expected for Cream Soda...amber. The first sip nearly knocked my taste buds sideways. It was very strong...but I never decided WHAT was strong. I thought this fabulously cane-sweetened soda tasted almost artificially sweetened. After drinking a few more sips, I thought maybe the flavor was what tasted artificial. At any rate, *something* about the taste tasted slightly of chemicals. This was an "okay" soda, so I suggest that you buy a bottle.

Double Verdict – Buy a Bottle!


Give Energy Pear Apple Cherry (Fan Review!)

While pursuing my adventurous ends I stumbled across an energy drink as yet, by me, untested.  What to do? Its name is Give Energy Pear Apple Cherry, and my distaste for combination flavors is boundless.  The label informs me that part of the purchase price will be donated to sustainable energy initiatives, great news for those who care.  I decide that I’ll buy the can and do a review and give a little of my time and money. Sometimes taking a chance pays off.

Back at my not so sustainably powered abode I pour over the can’s label to see what information I can glean.  Give Energy is made from pure cane sugar and other all natural ingredients, certainly a plus.  I am also told that Give Energy helps mental focus.  Great news for those who perhaps need that type of boost, I however do not. So I open the top.  A rather pleasant cherry smell greets my nose, so I take a gulp.  Delicious cherry and apple flavor serenade my taste buds like an orchestra. More gulps are taken and I soon find myself fiendishly quaffing the cans contents at a feverish pace.  The goodness overflows from my new aluminum friend like a bottomless Pez dispenser.  The bottom of the can is reached with a combination of disappointment and content.  Disappointment that I don’t have any more of this wonder juice, and contentment with the amazing experience I have found in a can.  The taste was seriously awesome and combined pear apple and cherry in such a way as to make each of the glorious sips different form each other yet remarkably alike.  I now feel confident that I made a wise decision by purchasing Give Energy and would suggest anyone do the same.

Final review:  Buy a six pack!  Give Give Energy a shot already!


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Sippin' Syrup Purple (Fan Review!)

The shady gas station unfortunately named “Speedo” recently took some more of my money and life that can never be reclaimed.  This is due to the discounted price of gas that they charge.  So while dodging shifty patrons and a magazine rack that really needed to be in a more private location, I decide to make the most of my excursion and scan the beverage cooler for any hidden carbonated gems.  I quickly moved past the large space where items I’m sure cause long term liver damage to where the soft drinks where located.  The usual parade of mainstream fare presented itself, with one exception.  Sippin’ Syrup Purple beckoned me from is floor level perch, already chilled and ready for me to take home.  So with the as yet unrevised beverage in hand, I pay the price of products purchased and exit post haste. 

Now it is time when I describe what Sippin’ Syrup Purple is all about.  First it’s a relaxation beverage.  What that means exactly is answered by the label itself. “Euphoric thoughts,” “Extended relaxation,” and “Experience calmness” frame the scope of this beverage.  I do notice that the letter “E” seems to be a favorite of the Sippin’ Syrup label writers, but I digress.  A website is hustled, no way am I going there, and a detailed ingredients list tells me what’s inside.  After some time reading said ingredients list I discover that many forms of B vitamins and sugar make up most of the Sippin’ Syrup Purple formula.  Strange that a relaxation beverage has sugar in its formula, but perhaps the discontinuity is only imagined.    Also of note, never am I told just what “purple” flavor is supposed to taste like. That is mildly alarming, but Sippin’ Syrup Purple is a veritable explosion of red flags in the first place, so I’m prepared for whatever happens come what may.  Also a warning written in tiny font is splashed across the bottom part of the back of the label.  Am I surprised? No, but I will relay the necessary information contained therein.  First, I’m supposed to consume Sippin’ Syrup responsibly.  That means I can only drink two servings in a twenty four hour period.  Second, I can’t drink this if I’m a kid or pregnant.  The label never mentions crazy, so I’m totally safe.  The last thing listed is that I’m not supposed to operate a car or machinery after consumption.  Good to know this stuff is sold over the counter to anyone with a few dollars to spare.

So the top has been twisted off.  The scent is just a hare shy of offensive.  Disgusting synthetic grape smell smacks my unsuspecting nostrils like a UFC champ. The smell is bad enough to make me want to halt the review, but what would a review be if I didn’t at least drink a little of the beverage at hand?  So I take a gulp, bracing for what I’m certain will be a taste just as corrosive as the smell.  Folks, imagine the cheapest grape soda you’ve ever had.  Now multiply that unfortunate taste by a very high number.  As usual I take another sip to ensure I read the product correctly, and yes I did.  Gross, disgusting, and vulgar are the most polite words I could use to describe this stuff.  After the initial trauma of this drinks taste has worn off I begin to wonder how the company that makes this makes enough money to stay in business.  Sorry trash can, typically stuff much more valuable than Sippin’ Syrup Purple is placed within you.  

Final Review:  Do not buy!  Sippin’ Syrup Purple is bad in every language known to man.


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Bob Marley Mellow Mood Berry Flavor (Fan Review!)

Bob Marley. The name invokes a smorgasbord of thoughts.  Amazing music, deep philosophical ideas and so much more, he was truly an icon.  His contribution to American culture cannot be understated.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a new drink emblazoned with the striking musician’s likeness. Appropriately named Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood this drink is classified as a relaxation beverage.  Berry flavor is the variety I have in hand and I scan the label to see what ingredients lay inside the aluminum can.  Pure cane sugar, natural flavors, and vegetable juice comprise the list.  Not bad in my opinion.  A warning informing me not to consume more than one can is located on the back of the can.  To be honest I’m not surprised by this admonition and decide that I will indeed review this unique brew.  So I make the purchase and cart my new found gem home to drink what I hope to be a memorable concoction.  As I walk out the door I see note informing me that this beverage reduces stress and relieves tension, things I’m sure Bob Marley would truly appreciate.

I open the can and a light berry scent greets my nose, so I take a swig.  A really awesome berry flavor washes across my mouth like a hurricane across South Florida.  Eager to continue my experience 

I take a few more gulps.  Great flavor and carbonation repeat as they did before.  I really can’t place just what berry I taste but I know that it tastes great.  Also as I drink I notice two websites advertised on the can.  The first is: and the second is  Both websites are dedicated to some excellent things and I suggest the reader visit both.  I finish the can and realize that I not only like Bob Marley’s music but I like the relaxation beverage named after him too!

A thank you is in order.  Freddie, whose picture is shown below, graciously allowed me to use his likeness to improve this review.  Thanks Freddie!

Final Review: Buy a six pack! Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood Berry Flavor is amazing, drink some!


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