Sakura Cola

In front of me sits the only pink cola I’ve come in contact with. I’m not even sure it will actually taste like cola, but the word is on the bottle no less than three times. Sakura Cola, or Cherry Blossom Cola, is today’s beverage and I’m thrilled to try it. I’m a bit rusty with my time away, but I’m hoping that this is just the drink to bring me back to the frontlines of the soda review game.

Iguana in Japanese is イグアナ

While most of the bottle is adorned in Japanese, an English label has been stuck to the side. This fortunately includes the ingredients which are as follows: Carbonated Water, HFCS, Cherry Blossom Extract, Artificial Flavor, Phosphoric Acid, and Purple Sweet Potato Juice.

I’m not sure how you’d juice a potato, but that’s not for me to know… only for me to drink.

Well, I’ll be. This does smell like cola. I could have imagined ten different aromas and I’d never have picked this scent to come out of this bottle. To be simultaneously more and less specific, the scent is cola plus something. I just don’t know what the something is because it’s very much in the background. Only thing to do now is to taste it.

Oh, that’s pretty darn good. They’ve taken a flavor profile I don’t normally enjoy, flowers, and expertly combined it with cola. What this brings to the literal table is a cola, bite included, that begins in such a unique manner that I keep coming back for more to better dissect what I’m experiencing.

Most floral beverages, as I’ve previously stated, are off putting to me. No matter how much I love the scent of a flower the taste is never accurately translated into liquid enjoyment. Sakura Cola does not fall to this trope. The sweet scent of a cherry blossom is present throughout the sip. There is a slight bitterness to it but it folds well into the bite of the cola. It’s a subtle cherry cola with panache.

Sakura Cola is a must try in my opinion. From it’s pink coloring to its textured bottle neck to its expert use of cherry blossom extract. This a truly unique soda that most any adventurous soda lover will enjoy.


This was given to me by Starshine Moonbeam