Apple Sidra

I enjoy apple soda, so when a co-worker brought me a can of Apple Sidra I knew I was likely in for a treat. The design of the can is beautifully simple. As you can see it’s a picture of an apple on a bright yellow background with the words “Apple Sidra” bisecting the fruit itself.

Apple Sidra is a soda that originates in Taiwan, making this a doubly special treat for me. I wish I had more access to the Asian sodas of the world as they bring so much unfamiliarity to my “buds”.

The smell that arrives after cracking open the can seems to be half apple juice and half apple drink. It’s a sweet aroma that makes me think everything is going to be just fine by the end of this review.

Twist contains chemical colors

The mouthfeel of this beverage is crisp and cool, making it quite refreshing. Flavor wise it dances back and forth between juice and drink as the scent lead us to believe it would. Let me just check that ingredient list.

Ah! Here are some ingredients that may be causing my confusion: Apple Flavor, Natural Apple Concentrate Juice, Natural Apple Flavor, and Apple Juice. That’s four different ways this beverage is flavored, all of course pointing to apple. I’m amused that “Apple Juice” doesn’t have the word “Natural” before it like the “natural apple concentrate juice” or the “natural apple flavor”. Is it “Unnatural Apple Juice”? The world may never know.

There are a few bubbles still popping around in the soda. They are small and fizzy, but I’m guessing their numbers have dwindled due to air travel from Taiwan. It’s still enough to tickle the tongue, but I bet this would be even better fresh off the assembly line.

Apple Sidra is a great example of what an apple soda should be in my opinion. A mostly natural apple taste, light carbonation, and an inoffensive aftertaste. It’s simple in its design and flavor, making it something I will go back to again and again when I can locate it.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This soda was given to me by Sugar Candy Starshine