Grapefruit Kiss

Gimme a Kiss… a Crisp, Refreshing, Grapefruit Kiss that is!

I’ve never heard of the soda Grapefruit Kiss before, but here it sits in front of me in a beautifully labeled glass bottle. It looks as if it was designed in the 60’s or 70’s and its cane sugar sweetener keeps in step with the style. I haven’t always liked grapefruit sodas, but they have quickly become a favorite of mine in moderation. Here’s hoping that Grapefruit Kiss is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

The scent is generically citrus. You could almost compare it to a household cleaner, but the aroma isn’t quite that strong. There’s not always something wrong with smelling like something you’d dust with, it just means the flavor will likely be hard to miss.

Hmm, that’s a lot smoother than I anticipated… I guess that’s where the “Kiss” comes in. The citrus flavor is grapefruit-esque at first, but then a lemon/lime combination joins the party as well. These three flavors don’t always play nicely with others, but they’re getting along with one another now. In fact they’re more than getting along with one another, they’ve apparently created some super team of citrus.

This Citrus Super Team washes over the tongue with a candy like sweetness. Thankfully it’s not overly cloying to my “buds”. Sometimes a sweet drink has a noticeable texture to it, but the mouthfeel isn’t overtly sticky. When the Citrus Super Team hits the back of my throat I take notice. It’s a powerful, but not surprising move as any citrus soda worth its weight will wake you up a bit with that maneuver.

I appreciate a lot of what Grapefruit Kiss is offering. It’s a nicely styled bottle, cane sugar sweetened, and the flavor is quite tasty. That said, I’m not sure I’d call this a grapefruit soda. Officially the label does say “Grapefruit Kiss with other citrus flavors”, but it’s implied the grapefruit takes the lead when it doesn’t quite do so. Even though I wouldn’t recommend this as a grapefruit soda I’ll happily recommend it as a soda in general. Give this a try should you find it out in the wild.

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This was given to me by CD45