Dublin 1891 Red Cola

I really dislike allergies. My right eye is watering like a toddler waters a plant. Thankfully, at least I believe so, I’ve got a bottle of Dublin 1891 Red Cola. Earlier this year I thought I’d reviewed every Dublin Bottling Works product, but then I stumbled upon their 1891 line. I’m not sure if the ingredients are better, but it appears as if it’s a step above their normal sodas. Just so we’re on the same page, all of Dublin’s sodas are sweetened with cane sugar.

Along with the possibility of a “premium” soda I’m also questioning what a Red Cola is. Red Cream Soda are words I’ve seen together, but never Red Cola. Will this have a cherry taste? Perhaps it will have a cream finish? The only way to find out is to try… or to read the musings of someone who has just tried it. I’m glad we found each other.

I don’t know how to say this, but the soda smells “red”. It smells like a nondescript, slightly cherry, sno-cone syrup. Color me intrigued.

After two sips I’m still having difficulty placing the flavor. Cherry is confirmed, but not so much cherry that I would have put it on the label in any way. The ingredient list helped a little, listing out the fact that Kola Nut was actually used in the creation of this soda. Good on you, Dublin Bottling Works.

I’ve got it!

With my apologies to Dublin Bottling Works, the easiest way for me to describe the taste is as follows. It’s Dr Pepper Cola. The myriad of flavors, cherry, licorice, plum, caramel, and of course cola, all bunking together. Cherry is the strongest of these tastes, but not so much that you would confuse him as the bonafide leader of the group. If I could change one thing about this product it would be making the cola taste more prominent. I’m a sucker for a good strong cola though.

Like a good strong cola the carbonation creates a constant tingle on the tongue and a good strong initial bite when I take each sip. Like calming a cat, after the initial flurry of fizz it melts along the tongue and smoothes out nicely. This changing mouthfeel paired with the complex taste profile makes for a very good soda.

Dublin 1891 Red Cola is something I can easily recommend. If you’re Texan it’s worth drinking to support a great Texas soda company. If you just like quality sodas it’s a definite try.

Verdict - Buy a Pack