Coca-Cola Peach

Who’s got two thumbs and is excited about today’s beverage?  This guy! I’m pointing to myself with both of my thumbs to complete the joke.  This would work a whole lot better if you were watching me.

 Twist is sweet as a Japanese peach.

 Twist is sweet as a Japanese peach.

The reason I’m so excited is thanks to the citizens of this great Carbo-Nation and your donations.  With said donations I was able to procure Coca-Cola Peach from Japan which I will now review for you.  I love the Japanese soda market, but it’s kind of expensive to purchase from. This particular bottle was about $12 on eBay (shipping included) which really isn’t too bad.  Enough chit chat though, time to drink.

A puff of peach burst out of the bottle upon opening it.  Upon placing my nose near the mouth (helps if your face is double jointed) I still get that reliable Coca-Cola scent as well.  Smell wise this seems like a pretty even match. Here’s hoping the taste is as well.

Powerful, pungent, peach pop permeates my puckered portal.  I’m happily reporting that peach is the dominant flavor of this soda.  I wasn’t sure how coy they would be with the fruit flavoring, but I’m quite happy they went for it.  It’s not overly sugary tasting as many peach sodas are, but if it were unlabeled you’d still easily know what you were drinking.

After the first half of my sip completed I was greeted by that good throat burn that Coke fans love.  It was as this point that the cola aspect took a more prominent role in this experience. While not identical to that of a regular Coca-Cola Classic a lot of the flavors are mirrored even with the peach addition.  I just looked on the ingredient list to see if “peach” was a listed flavor then quickly remembered I can’t read Japanese at all.

Separately the two flavors work fairly well, but how do they work together as one solid idea?  Honestly, it’s a little messy. Their relationship is not especially symbiotic with each flavor only mildly helping the other from becoming too dominant.  While it would have been nice for the flavors to really get along they act more like third cousins that see each other every couple of years at a family reunion.  Polite, asking about life events that happened years ago through no fault of their own. It’s a positive relationship, but it’s not your best friend that can finish your… your… sigh, sentences.

Carbonation wise it’s on par with a Coca-Cola Classic as well.  You may have already assumed that based on the “burn” mentioned earlier, but I’m here to confirm that it’s true.  I’m sure now that you have that confirmation your sleep will be even more sound. You’re welcome.

I really wish flavors like this would come to the US.  I’m especially surprised that this flavor wasn’t since Coke is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  For those not in the know Georgia is known for their peaches. It only makes sense to me that those stars should line up and bring Coca-Cola Peach to the states.

All in all though I enjoy this soda.  I’m sure some of my enjoyment is from the wow-factor of having it coming from Japan, but it genuinely is pretty good.  I’m not absolutely floored by it or anything but I’d gladly grab another if one were within reach. So, if you come across one in your travels consider yourself prepared for what awaits you.  Thank you again to those who donated and allowed this review to be possible.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This soda review was made possible by donations from people like YOU!