Jackson Hole Soda - Grand Teton Grape

My fifth grade teacher was talking to us about the Grand Teton Mountain Range.  I’m not sure why, I just remember the subject being discussed.  At the end of the conversation she told us “Do you know what Grand Teton means?  It means large *makes motion with hands that would make anyone think breasts*”.  I’m not sure why she told us that, if it was a giggle test to check our maturity or if she just wanted to make learning cool.  Either way it stuck with me, though there’s a chance it was named after the Teton Sioux tribe instead.  

I bring this up for two reasons.  One, so those expecting a “large breasts” reference in the forthcoming review wouldn’t be disappointed and I could keep it somewhat factual.  Two, I’ve just increased the number of “Google Search” returns that head to my site tenfold.

Nothing says ambiance like a napkin dispenser.

Nothing says ambiance like a napkin dispenser.

Anywho, today’s soda is Jackson Hole Soda - Grand Teton Grape.  A cane sugar sweetened soda is always ok in my book, flavor it with grape and you might just have an instant fan.  Let’s find out if they did.

Sugary grape nonsense is the aroma that so easily oozes out the mouth of the bottle.  There is nothing natural at all in this scent, almost like you took two grape Jolly Ranchers and placed them in your nostrils.  Color me excited.

Interesting, the flavor is a bit more natural tasting than I anticipated, though it does keep the “nonsense” portion of the promise.  The first act of the sip is that in which the liquid just sits on the tongue.  Smooth, sugary, non-offensive, grape liquid.  Next, and this is activated by the swallow, the bubbles go to work.  A slight burn is created by the carbonation on the back of the throat.  It’s not harsh like many cheap grape sodas create, but a nice change of texture.  The final act is where I got the somewhat natural flavor of grapes, concord grapes to be exact.

As the soda makes its way down my gullet it leaves a trail of natural grape goodness.  This will become the aftertaste as well in just a few moments.  I’m happy that there’s such a pleasant end to an overall enjoyable drink.  

Jackson Hole Soda - Grand Teton Grape isn’t the most amazing grape soda I’ve had, but it doesn’t need to be.  The fact that it’s sweetened with cane sugar, has both a sugary and natural grape taste, as well as a good mouthfeel makes it easy to recommend to others.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was purchased at Emmy’s Sweet Shoppe