Ramune Lychee

I don’t know what lychee tastes like.  The more worldly fellow in front of me compares it to passionfruit… kind of.  Fortunately for me I have a bottle of Ramune Lychee with me today so I can at least expand that horizon.  I’ve already been told that this has a good carbonation by the aforementioned fellow, so it at least has that going for it.


It’s hard to get an aroma from one of these cod necked bottles (the ones that require you to push a marble out of the way to drink).  What I can get is a miscellaneous fruit aroma, which probably smells of lychee… I just don’t realize it.

Interesting.  It’s lightly flavored like a carbonated water, but somewhat heavily sweetened like a soda.  You know what this is like?  Ramune Lychee tastes like a sweet grape with a slightly bitter aftertaste.  There’s also a little hint of soap as well, but something tells me that’s just my uninitiated tastebuds struggling to find a comparison flavor.

Personally I find the carbonation to be a little weak, though the guy in the first paragraph did have a sip almost as soon as I opened the bottle so maybe I just didn’t get to it soon enough.  The lack of bubbles, light flavor, and somewhat heavy sweetener make this a one time beverage for me.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


I purchased this at Spec’s Liquor