Mountain Dew Black Label

Twist just wants to see your picture!

I really wish they spelled out “Mountain” on MTN Dew bottles and cans.  It’s such a confusing mess.  I mean you still call it Mountain Dew, but it’s just ridiculous in my mind… I don’t really have an argument and I get why they do it so I’ll hush.

Anywho, MTN Dew Black Label is a “deeper darker dew *registered trademark*” according to the can.  It’s Dew *registered trademark* with Crafted Dark Berry.  Crafting Dark Berry sounds like something you’d do in a survival game after you made your fire and hut.  Let me look at the ingredients to see if I can’t get some clarification as to what “Dark Berry” is.

Ok, so two fruits are listed in the ingredients.  Fruit number one and impressively the third ingredient is grape juice.  Fruit number two and about halfway down the list is orange juice.  

I’ll be honest, such a stupid saying… I really need to stop using it at the beginning of sentences.  Why would you read this if you didn’t think I was honest?  Let’s start that over…

Originally I thought this was going to be another extreme Dew *registered trademark* that blended in with all the rest.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Mountain Dew flavors but several of them are forgettable.  Black label uses grape juice as a main ingredient so they’ve grabbed my interest with that.  I’m immediately more invested in this soda with such an odd ingredient so prominently featured.  Let’s see if it does them any good.

Well it didn’t help them smell wise.  Mountain Dew Black Label smells like the inside of an Auto Zone.  I’m 99% sure that it won’t taste like the inside of an Auto Zone, but I gotta tell you that’s a really distinct aroma in my brain so I’m standing behind my statement.  Just for confirmation, I asked a random passerby to smell the soda and tell me what he thought it was.  His answer was “grape”.  So perhaps the inside of an Autozone smells like grape to me due to the amount of deodorizers near the door.

In a rare turn of events the 99% proves victorious and confirms that Mountain Dew Black Label does not taste like the inside of an Auto Zone.  Actually it tastes quite nice, grape even.

It doesn’t just taste like grape soda either.  Mountain Dew Black Label’s grape taste is much richer than that.  Please don’t confuse richer and sweeter either.  While this has plenty of sugar the folks at MTN Dew have placed it well enough to keep this from tasting like a sugary mess.

Even though there is orange juice in the can the citrus vibe is fairly low.  Obviously it doesn’t taste like straight grape, but I’d be hard pressed to identify anything else if I hadn’t read the ingredients.

Carbonation wise they’re doing everything right.  There’s a lingering tingle on the lips as the bubbles rush across your tongue and down your throat.  It’s an enjoyable experience.  Aftertaste wise it’s not my favorite as a lot of what I like goes away.  The flavor that’s left is a somewhat chemical tasting version of the original, so not horrible… but not good either.  

Overall MTN Dew Black Label is a pretty good soda, definitely worth picking one up if you see it.  Going back to my original thoughts, I think I’ll remember this one.  The black can, snazzy label design, grape juice as a main ingredient… they did well.  I look forward once again to their next offering.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This was purchased at Wal-Mar... I'm not linking Wal-Mart you all know where Wal-Mart is.  Now I've said it three times so it's gonna summon here... thanks!