Cherry Ski

A while back I was given a bottle of Ski soda.  Ski is a citrus soda not unlike Mtn Dew or Sundrop, but favors the lime flavor a bit more than those two.  Cherry Ski, which is our selection today, is listed as being cherry flavored citrus soda as opposed to just cherry.

Ski is sweetened with sugar and also has lemon and orange juice concentrate.  I don’t see any “cherry” listed in the ingredients, but that’s what “Artificial Flavor” is probably for.  It would actually be a bit weirder if they stuck on the wrong label.

There is a very faint cherry/lime scent that leaves the mouth of the bottle upon opening.  It’s faint enough that I can’t really get a handle on how I think this is going to taste.  That’s easily enough remedied, so let’s just get to drinkin’.

Wow, that’s got more citrus kick than I was bargaining for.  Ok, I’ve had to take several sips to suss this out, but I think I’m almost there.  

Cherry Ski First hits my mouth with a citrus blast (sounds like verbage from a 90’s commercial) that changes feels and tastes almost immediately.  This citrus flavor seems to be a combination of lemon, lime, and orange (in that order) wrestles throughout its life.  It’s a very violent life for those three flavors, but they make themselves known.  

Cherry steps in at the end of the fight and calms everybody down.  It takes some time, but the cherry flavoring eventually overtakes the three wrestling citrus brothers.  You can see him in the background throughout the fight, trying to stop it, but only after they tire out does cherry get his way.  

Now I’m not sure if cherry puts a pillow under their heads or over their faces, but he quiets them up.  After he quiets the brothers he leaves, so only the snores (I guess he didn’t kill them) of his brothers remain.

Hey, here’s the less artsy review in three sentences.  There is a rather chaotic combination of lemon/lime/orange that assaults your mouth, not smooth at all.  The cherry flavoring, that was hard to discern earlier, eventually overtakes the three citrus flavors and dominates before vanishing.  The aftertaste is that of the three citrus flavors, but it’s now somewhat muted.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was sent to me by the Excel Bottling Company