Dublin Black Cherry

I thought I’d had every Dublin beverage, but research shows that I never properly reviewed their black cherry offering.  I couldn’t call myself a proper Texan if I hadn’t tried every Dublin soda now, could I?

Dublin Black Cherry is like so many other Dublin sodas in that it’s sweetened with cane sugar, has a nice retro label, and a fantastic bottle cap.  My subconscious will be comparing this to IBC Black Cherry, which has been a favorite of mine for years and years so Dublin will be battling a little nostalgia.

Smell wise it reminds me of a black cherry snow cone.  That’s a pretty solid place to start as it made my mouth water by scent alone.  This is the third sentence of this paragraph for filler purposes only.

Ha! I see what you did there Dublin Bottling Works.  They can’t say it, but Dublin Black Cherry tastes a lot like Dr Pepper with cherry flavoring.  “But Aaron, that exists already and is called Dr Pepper Cherry”.  Yes, I know.  Dr Pepper Cherry is a disappointing beverage though.  Dublin Black Cherry is not.

First off the light mouth feel was the most surprising to me.  Black Cherry sodas usually have a heavier, syrupy mouth feel… this does not.  This is in part due to the fizziness of the soda.  The carbonation mixture used is perfect in its application as it creates a fun feel throughout each sip.

That was an odd sip.  Tasted off at the end.  Let me try that again.  No, we’re good.

Dublin Black Cherry doesn’t taste overly sweet either (another commonality in cherry flavored drinks).  The Dr Pepper side of things tastes pretty dang close to the real thing.  This doesn’t surprise me since Dublin used to bottle Dr Pepper there, but I’m sure they aren’t using the formula or anything… they probably just know how to make something that can taste as close to it as possible.  

If this is indeed an undercover Dr Pepper Cherry then I’m glad they’ve made it as there wasn’t a good cherry one of those on the market.  If Dublin Black Cherry is supposed to be its own thing then I’m still more than glad to drink it.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was purchased at HEB