Dog n Suds Root Beer

The king is dead, long live the king!

What is “Drive-In Style”?  This bottle of Dog n Suds Root Beer is labled as being “Drive-In Style”.  One could assume that meant old fashioned I guess, it’s a little confusing.  

It’s also confusing that the name of this beverage is Dog n Suds Root Beer.  There’s a dog on the label, so of course that’s what you associate with the titular dog.  You’d be jumping the gun if you did that though as the dog is hoisting a tray with a root beer and a hotdog on it.  The dog literally has a tray of “Dog n Suds”.  I’m sure it’s not important, but I’d really like to know.

Dog n Suds Root Beer is sweetened with pure cane sugar and has a nice blend of artificial and natural flavors.  I assume it’s a nice blend as that’s all the information I’m given about them.  So very vague, hopefully so very tasty as well.

Decent aroma with this one.  Smells like it has some vanilla in it, but the overall scent leans towards bitey more than creamy.  All I’m hoping is that it’s not loaded with wintergreen like the last root beer I tried.

I’m ok with this.  It’s right down the middle of the road in terms of taste, but I’m completely cool with Dog n Suds Root Beer.  The beginning is rather smooth with the only texture coming from some tiny bubbles attacking my tongue.  This texture becomes a bit more aggressive as each sip lingers on, burning a little more until almost becoming a slight shock.

Flavor wise this could fight for the bitey camp or the creamy camp.  It does neither one especially well, but the balance created between the two makes for a root beer that I feel most would enjoy.  

There’s nothing all that special about Dog n Suds Root Beer, but there aren’t a lot of weaknesses either.  If I just needed to tell you one it’s that the finish includes a somewhat sticky mouth feel.  Sigh… what that potentially misunderstood remark I’m done.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was purchased at the Shell Gas Station below.