St. John Brewers Virgin Islands Root Beer

Mind the scenery.

This root beer bottle has a beach on the label.  Growing on this beach is a palm tree.  Inserted into this palm tree is a tap that has apparently been used to fill two barrels with root beer.  That’s how it works, right?

St. John Brewers Virgin Islands Root Beer is sweetened with cane sugar and they use (get this) natural AND artificial flavors.  They also use wintergreen oil, so I’ll be looking forward to that… unless of course it’s overused.  Sadly though there’s no story as to why this St. John Brewers Virgin Islands Root Beer even exists.  When you put a palm tree with a tap on it on your bottle I almost expect a story.  Ah well.

Judging by the aroma they were quite generous with their wintergreen oil.  I smell that more than I can smell the root beer itself.  That’s… that’s a little concerning.  Perhaps the taste won’t be quite as strong as the scent.

Oooh, that’s a tricky balance.  The first taste I get is the aforementioned wintergreen flavor, but it’s almost immediately battled by the root beer taste.  It’s a quick battle, but thankfully the root beer is the victor.  

Now to break it down a little.  The wintergreen flavor isn’t so powerful that you’d think you were chewing gum.  It’s actually quite smooth and refreshing.  The root beer that follows it is obviously affected by the wintergreen, but holds its own very well.  It’s a smooth mouth-feel and a fairly unique taste.

As far as carbonation goes there is a moderate fizz level at play here.  Creating a slight burn of the tongue that dissipates quickly after consumption.

So it seems my gas station find has done me well.  While the wintergreen taste might be off-putting to some I think it works in this setting.  I’m not sure where you would find St. John Brewers Virgin Islands Root Beer in your neck of the woods, but if you do then you should pick up a pack.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was purchased at the Shell Gas Station below.