So Duh! Rockin' Root Beer

I feel a change a comin'

This is an odd soda in front of me, so we’re going to start with the blurb on the label right off the bat.

“Duh” means many things to many people; an airport code in Ohio, a punk rock band.  To us, So Duh!, means - “Isn’t it painfully obvious this is a delicious craft soda made in small batches with quality ingredients and pure cane sugar.”

So - if anyone asks, “Is that soda good?”, we hope you’ll say Duh!

Alrighty… so the soda at hand is So Duh! Rockin’ Root Beer.  They’ve gone the wordplay route and made a funny as well as including a cartoon blonde woman to complete the joke.  She has her finger on her chin like she’s overly thinking about something.  Perhaps she’s reading the blurb I just transcribed… we’ll never know.

What we do now is that So Duh! Rockin’ Root Beer is made with Cane Sugar, Alfalfa Honey, and Natural Vanilla.  There are other ingredients listed, but these are your power players.

Upon failing three times to twist off the cap, I have resigned to believing it’s a pop top.  This reminds me that I need to get a better bottle opener for my key chain.  I’d like to have a functional one, but at the same time not give off the vibe that I drink so much I need a bottle opener on me at all times.  Anywho...

This has a very strong black licorice smell and my computer says I have 7 minutes before the battery runs out so I’ll be typing fast whilst I enjoy it.

Ok, so the black licorice I sensed in the scent is certainly there in the taste.  That said, I like it quite a bit.  The licorice paired with the vanilla creates a nice dichotomy in your mouth.  Your taste buds are taken aback a little at first, but as things mellow out the mouth-feel becomes smooth and almost buttery.  

This buttery sensation is partially due to the fact that there is very little carbonation felt in each sip.  This helps maintain that smooth finish throughout.  Within the bottle I can see about a 1 inch head of foam, making me wish I’d poured this in a glass… but then again if you’ve been paying attention you’d realize that I never do that.  

There is no syrupy mouth feel, but a sweet, creamy root beer with touches of honey, vanilla, and (in my opinion) licorice.  So Duh! Rockin’ Root Beer may have an odd label, but the product they’ve crafted is 100% delicious.  Now that I’ve finished it there is no doubt I’d buy several more bottles of this root beer.  So many root beers populate the soda market with the majority of them being clones of one another.  I love finding the unique ones that stand out in the crowd.  So Duh! Rockin’ Root Beer definitely fits that bill.

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This was purchased at the Shell Gas Station belo