HEB Watermelon Slice

Hippos love watermelon.

Nothing says January like a juicy slice of watermelon.  Ok, so maybe that’s only true in New Zealand where they’re in the midst of Summer.  I’m not even sure if watermelon is a big thing down there… I’ll have to check later.  Honestly I just needed an intro.  

Now that I've accomplished writing an intro I can tell you that today’s soda is HEB Watermelon Slice which is sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar.  For those not in the know, HEB is a popular grocery store chain here in Texas.  In my opinion it’s probably the best grocery store chain around in terms of items, friendliness, and soda selection.  Not sure why I decided to include my thoughts on HEB, but there ya go.

HEB makes their owns sodas as well.  We’ve reviewed a good chunk of them and haven’t been disappointed once.  In the case of Watermelon Slice it required the purchase of a 12 pack to try.  To avoid buying 12 of something I asked a citizen of the CarboNation for some help.

Thanks to Wrastlin’ Jawhit supplying me with a can this review is a thing that exists now in Space and Time.  Thanks to the ever descending timer on my cell phone I need to get to the meat of it quickly.

HEB Watermelon Slice has a faint watermelon aroma and from the looks of it the pink coloring as well.  I thought it would have a stronger scent as most watermelon sodas are flavor heavy, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.  Color me intrigued.

I’m good with this.  Fun fact.  Did you know that the first sentence of the “taste paragraph” is usually what I say outloud out of instinct when I first take a sip?  Anywho, this is quite good.

HEB Watermelon Slice has a fantastic burn that lasts the entirety of each swig.  It’s almost electric in nature, a 9 volt batteries worth of flavor.  If you’ve read any amount of reviews you know I like a good burn.  I like to feel alive when drinking a soda.  I don’t want a passive relationship with my beverages.  I get that enough from my therapist.  I don’t have a therapist I just wanted to make a joke.

Flavor wise I can’t see someone thinking this is any other flavor than watermelon.  It’s hidden a little bit behind the burn, but it’s strong enough to be enjoyed.  I often compare fruit flavored sodas to their candy counterparts though in this case honestly can’t.  

While sweet HEB Watermelon Slice isn’t overly so.  This allows me to taste more of the watermelon.  While sugary nonsense drinks have their place I’m quite happy that HEB Watermelon is sweetened as it is.  There’s not a lot negative to say about the beverage, but there’s not a lot more positive to list either.  What we’ve got here is a good watermelon soda that I would suggest anyone try… if they like watermelon flavored things of course.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


You can purchase this soda from your local (if you live in my region) HEB Grocer