Sugar Cookie

Baked in Hell's Kitchen...literally.

From the makers of “Candy Cane” comes “Sugar Cookie”!  It looks like dirty water, but in actuality it’s supposedly a sugar cookie flavored soda.  Much like Candy Cane, Sugar Cookie is sweetened with cane sugar and a variety of natural and artificial flavors.  You know, just like mom used to make!

It takes the first step into the truly bizarre by smelling like a real deal sugar cookie.  Sure, there’s a little chemical scent as well, but the average folk would think sugar cookie with just one whiff.  I’m not sure my body is ready for liquid cookies… let me prepare…………...and I’m good.

Aaaaand I’m not so good.  Sugar Cookie soda isn’t nearly as spot on as it’s Candy Cane brethren.  While the flavor can be identified, the chemical taste is much more powerful than the scent.  In fact the longer you hold Sugar Cookie in your mouth (sounds like a street drug) the less cookie it tastes.  It goes from somewhat accurate flavor to flying off the rails in about 5 seconds.

Best way to describe it is oddly saying what it is.  This tastes like a mad scientist made sugar cookies in a test tube, but wasn’t quite happy with the result.  His partner, hungry for fame and fortune, steals the test tube from the lab and uses it to unleash bad soda to all who are willing to taste it.

That wouldn’t be a terrible movie, so if it’s made I’d like my name in the credits please.

Anywho, I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone.  It’s not accurate enough to be fun, so just stay away.  Stick with Candy Cane if you want to head down this road.

Verdict - Do Not Buy


This soda was given to me by my sister who purchased it at World Market.