Candy Cane

Add vodka to conceal your alcoholism

Whew!  Now that I’m no longer at the whim of the holidays or a work schedule in flux I’m finally able to review some sodas again.  Today’s soda is Candy Cane… that’s it.  There’s no brand, the word “soda” isn’t on the bottle.  It’s just a clear bottled liquid titled “Candy Cane”.  This could easily be a new street drug I’m not hip to, but for sake of writing a review I’m going to assume it’s soda.

Candy cane is sweetened with candy cane sugar.  Ok, that’s a lie.  It’s just cane sugar, but I can dream a little right?  Aside from carbonated water and cane sugar the rest of the ingredients are hidden behind the “Natural and Artificial Flavors” curtain.  So even after reading the ingredients Candy Cane is still quite the mystery.

Good news, Everybody!  Candy Cane smells of candy canes, or peppermint to be more precise.  This immediately steers my mind to think I’m not going to like this soda.  I’ve not been fond of drinking mint liquid in the past.  Who knows though?  It’s a new year.  Time for new experiences, new likes and dislikes.  YEAH!

Well, how can I put this? It’s like drinking the innards of a York Peppermint Patty.  The peppermint taste completely takes over my mouth and nose, burning with just the sweetest of minty kisses.  While drinkable I think I’m going to hold off on finishing the bottle for a couple of reasons.  Reason one is that it’s not good enough to suffer through.  Reason two is that I’m pretty sure this much liquid mint would make me sick.

So honestly I can cut this review quite short.  Do you know what a mildly strong peppermint tastes like?  Now pretend it’s liquid.  Done.  Candy Cane is very true to its name so if you think you’d like that go for it.  As for me, I’m going to stop 5 sips in.

Verdict - Buyer Beware

~ A

This was given to my by my sister who bought it at World Market.