O-So Butterscotch Root Beer

I will be amazed if I ever have a butterscotch root beer that I don’t like.  It’s butterscotch and root beer… how can that combo lose?  Well I suppose you could dislike either one of those flavors and it would lose quite handily.  For those poor at foreshadowing I’m reviewing a butterscotch root beer, O-So Butterscotch Root Beer to be exact.

O-So that's what he's looking at.

O-So starts off on a good foot because I think the labeling is fantastic.  It’s a very 1960’s looking label, if not a little older as the bottle even states that O-So has been around since the 40’s.  The artwork  really does a good job at making me feeling nostalgic for a time where I wasn’t even born.  There’s even a fun phrase at the bottom. “O-So Delicious!” GET IT?  THE SODA NAME IS USED IN THE SENTENCE!  So now that visually we’re starting off right, I hope the aroma is also a plus.

Hooray!  The aroma is a butterscotch root beer combo, just as it should be.  The butterscotch is the dominant scent, but not so much that you forget it’s a root beer.  Now that I know the smell is on point I feel comfortable saying the taste will be above average at the very least.

There’s that roasted marshmallow flavor I look forward too.  The flavor is both creamy and buttery at the start, but finishes up with a nice strong bite at the back of the throat.  This dichotomy really ups the enjoyment factor of the soda.  You can tell i’m serious about this because I used the word “dichotomy”.  I even chuckled to myself when I did because of how simultaneously ridiculous and smart I felt.

I guess the creamy/bite relationship is a lot like that of the salty/sweet.  Sure each one is good by their lonesome, but it’s easy to get burnt out on them.  Pair the two together and your “want” becomes a “crave”.  I’m not sure that I’ll be craving O-So Butterscotch Root Beer when I’m done with this, but I’ll certainly want additional bottles in my possession.

While sweet it’s not overly so, but I’m not sure I’d want to drink this with a meal.  I think I’m officially going to designate this as a dessert soda.  The lack of syrupy mouthfeel keeps the experience from building upon itself until it’s demise.  Each sip is its own reward.  “Each sip is its own reward”... man that was good!  Put that on a bottle then sell a million, then give me 15%.

So even though the review you just read is rather simplistic, in the case of O-So it works.  It’s two simple flavors that are paired and play well together.  Bottom line is that if you like butterscotch or root beer you’ll like this soda.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet


This was purchased at a Shell Gas Station