Ozark Mountain Bottleworks Cream

If you like red sodas and geographic beauty then perhaps Ozark Mountain Bottleworks Cream will be right up your alley.  If you review sodas and are somewhat picky then I guess you’ll have to either review this on your own site or just take the easy road and read this review.  

Ozark Mountain Bottleworks (OBM) Cream is clearly a red cream soda.  If your eyes haven’t failed you then the tiny ingredients on the side will inform you that it’s been sweetened with cane sugar.  The label is very reminiscent of Howdy Cherries Jubilee, but something tells me that’s where the similarities end.

So... very... happy.

So... very... happy.

The aroma from this bottle is much stronger than anticipated.  A cream scent so rich that it makes me think of marshmallows rather than cream soda.  Perhaps this will be more interesting than I originally anticipated.

Well that is rather unique.  It’s a red (in color) cream soda that doesn’t taste like a red cream soda.  In fact it swings more towards a regular cream.  A strong cream taste has now made it’s home within my mouth.  Currently he’s not at home, but there are signs of life.  Clothes on the floor, a faucet dripping, and the pantry door is open.  I have indeed taken a swig recently, but again he is not at home.

The keys rustle at the door and the owner of the house barges in, tossing the keys on the counter.  Cream is home and the blustery weather behind him rushes along my tongue causing a pleasant mouth feel.  Almost as soon as he arrived at his abode he passes out on the couch and the house is silent once again.  The only sounds audible are the sleeping breaths of its owner.

If that was too “high concept” for you… as it was for me… then here’s the short version.  The cream flavor is fairly intense, but the aftertaste is right there with it stride for stride.  It’s not a very pretty flavor, but it’s powerful and enjoyable.

Give it a shot.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was purchased for me by STUN3R