Mtn Dew Dewshine

Well I’m a few weeks behind the hype, but I finally have a bottle of Dewshine to review.  I’m not really sure what it is or what it’s supposed to taste like, but it’s a clear Mtn Dew product that resembles moon shine so of course I’m all in.  

Dewshine is made with real sugar!  To that I say thank goodness, because I didn’t feel like sweetening yet another beverage with my imagination.  The fact that it says “real sugar” and not “cane sugar” makes me believe they used something along the lines of beet sugar.  I don’t really care either way as it still tastes cleaner than corn syrup.

Pictured: Potential wrapped in disappointment

Emblazoned on the bottle is a label that looks as if it’s made of old paper, complete with tattered edges.  The Mtn Dew logo kind of takes away from the “olden times” feel the rest of the bottle gives off, but I suppose it needs to be on there somewhere.  

Let’s find out exactly what I’m getting into here.

After removing an amazing bottle cap, complete with iconic hill billy, a citrus aroma jumps up and punches me in the face.  It just misses smelling like a cleaning product and lands squarely into enticing my taste buds.

That’s not what I thought this was going to taste like at all.  Oddly enough the first thing I notice is the finish of the soda.  It finishes like a Sprite, having a bit of carbonation burn on the back end complete with a syrupy mouthfeel.  Since Sprite has one of my least favorite soda finishes I’m already a bit disappointed in the product.  Perhaps if I pay more attention to the first half of the sip I’ll find more to praise.

The initial taste I perceive is a sweetened lemon lime.  The sugar is heavy enough that it dulls the flavors of each of the citrus fruits.  I keep wanting to stop this review and say it tastes like a sweeter version of Sprite with less carbonation.  That doesn’t seem fair to the product though.  Actually, you know what.  If that’s what it tastes like then that’s what I’m saying.

Mtn Dew Dewshine tastes like a less carbonated, yet sweeter, version of Sprite.  It’s still a good drink, but the similarities to Sprite make me sad.  This is a special edition soda.  This is supposed to be something special yet all I can do is hang upon the fact that it reminds me of another product.  Such a shame.  Pick it up if you like Sprite.  Perhaps if I fill the bottle with my tears it’ll be better.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This soda was given to my by Wrastlin’ Jawhit