Jones Orange and Cream

Alright, so here we are with my final label free soda from Jones.  Saying it’s my “final” one makes it seems like there have been several when honestly this is number two.

Today’s unlabeled soda is orange.  Well, it’s orange in color so I can only assume it’s orange in flavor as well.  Since I decided the last soda was Jones M.F. Grape I’m led to believe that this one just be “orange”.  Perhaps it’ll be tangerine or orange/other flavor.  Either way it’s time to drink it.

No, seriously... I need a portable Twist

Dreamsicle.  This smells like a dreamsicle.  The vanilla wafted out before the orange so it left little to my imagination.  If this doesn’t taste like a dreamsicle I’ll… well honestly I’ll probably just finish the review and tell you what it does taste like.

Well now, the vanilla taste is much fainter than its aroma so I was confused for a bit.  Much like M.F. Grape this beverage has some buzz about it.  The bubbles are fun and fierce, attacking my lips throughout each sip.  The orange flavor tastes more of tangerine to me though, sweeter and less tart than an orange.  This might be because of the added vanilla though.  

I’m not normally a big dreamsicle guy (assuming I’m right about the flavor), but I’m ok with the liquid version.  It’s punchy, sweet, and doesn’t have a bad after taste.  Sadly though the longer I drink it the more artificial it begins to taste.  Clearly dreamsicle is an artificial flavor, but with each sip the orange flavoring edges closer and closer to chemical.  

Thankfully it’s not getting the cardboard flavor that so many other orange sodas get when they head down chemical alley.  Still though with each sip I like it less and less.  I’m going to stop now and research the flavor name while I still have a mostly positive impression.

So guess what.  Jones never had a dreamsicle flavor, but they do have Orange & Cream which for all intents and purposes is the same thing.  My lack of caring about dreamsicles has not been changed.  It’s a fun flavor at first, but it just doesn’t have the lasting power of others for me.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


My super step sister gave me this.