Jones M.F. Grape

As I mentioned in a previous review, my step-sister went to a wedding expo and visited a Jones Soda booth.  The lady at the booth knew of the site and gave my sister three different sodas for me to review.  Unfortunately for me only one of the bottles had a label on it and the others were stark naked.  Today’s bottle is of the nude variety and I have no idea what it’s going to taste like.  A passer-by assumes that it will be a grape amalgamation… which is a fantastic name for a soda.

I really need a portable Twist

There’s no ingredient list so I guess all I can do is open it and see what I think this is.  For the record the original title of this article was “Blueish Purple Jones Soda”.  If the title has changed by the time you read this it means I think I know what the flavor is.

I think “Grape Amalgamation Man” was on to something as the aroma that jumps out at me is certainly that of a grape soda.  The primarily blue coloring kept my brain from going to the vine, so there’s my first surprise I guess.

The taste is almost identical to the scent.  A very sweet, yet somewhat tart, grape flavor easily pushes it’s way past my taste buds.  Since I now know what I believe to be the flavor I’m going to check out the Jones website to see if I’m correct...aaaand I can’t find it.  Back to the review, I guess.

The carbonation burn of this soda is wonderfully fun.  The way it tickles my lips and throat (as odd as that sounds) is somewhat rare among sodas.  Still though, with every sip I get grape.  It’s very similar to a DimeTapp grape, but I haven’t met many folks that dislike that flavor.  For those who think this means it tastes medicinal, you’d be wrong.  It’s better described as a punchy grape taste as opposed to candy grape or natural grape.

You know what I still can’t get over though?  The color.  Why is this blue… wait, let me hold it to to the light.  Ok, so it’s actually purple and everything is right with the world.  I still don’t know the actual flavor of the soda though, let me look again.

AHA!  Jones Grape is primarily purple where Jones M.F. Grape is primarily blue looking in the pictures!  I’m drinking Jones M.F. Grape and I don’t know the difference at all!  Wait, M.F. Grape has been retired?  I still think I’m drinking it though.  Final Answer!

Verdict - Buy a Pack


My swell step sister gave this to me.