Boots Beverages Picture Show Red Hot Soda

We’re back in Bellville, TX (not literally) reviewing another bottle of Boot Beverages.  Today’s flavor is  identified as Picture Show Red Hot Soda.  I can only assume the “Picture Show” portion of this title helps insinuate that we’re talking about Red Hots the candy like you would find at a moving picture show.  I applaud Boots for their creative effort on this one and truey hope it delivers.

I think Twist and Deedie would get along just fine.

You know who else hopes this delivers?  Deedie Kristen.  Deedie is the face of this particular flavor of Boots and her story goes like this:

Deedie was the official emergency office worker (as in IRS visits).  She was flattered when she was told this one suited her to a T.  Try it for inspiration!  An never underestimate the value of flattery.

Well, I’m quite unsure what a large portion of that meant. Although Deedie seems like a pretty great person if she’s got a Red Hot soda tied to her name.  Time to open up the bottle and see what we got.

There is a cinnamon scent, but it’s a faint one.  I wanted this to punch me square in the nose and give me some trepidation to try it.  Instead I’m greeted with a weaker aroma that has me a little worried.  Cinnamon soda is a rarity and should be treated as such.  Hopefully the upcoming flavor will kick my taste buds for doubting.

I’m happy to say that there is a bit of a burn on the back end of my first sip.  The flavor also does a pretty good job of tasting like the candy coating you’d find on a Red Hot or Atomic Fireball.  That said I’d be curious what my mom would think of this as she’s a huge fan of both treats listed.

Carbonation wise Boots Beverages Picture Show Red Hot Soda is on the lower side.  This works out perfectly well for the soda because I believe your burn should come from the flavor with little assistance from the bubbles themselves.  

All in all, Boots Beverages did solid job on creating liquid cinnamon candy.  Just because I’m a Jerk I do wish this was a little stronger in all areas, but I think the message comes across clear enough as is.  It’s the difference of saying “Hi” to the guy next to you or yelling “Howdy!” to a room full of folks.  Same message, different delivery.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


I purchased this at an HEB grocery store