Another Time Soda Fountain - Lime Phosphate

Ok, now that I’ve had my first phosphate (cherry) I feel much better using The Soda Jerk moniker.  The next drink I’ll try from Another Time Soda Fountain will be their Lime Phosphate… mostly because I just like lime flavored things.  Where I think handmade cherry sodas are good, I think the potential for handmade lime soda is through the roof.

Oh MAN is that green!  The only thing greener is the face of the patron next to me… because it’s green with envy.  Ok, I lied.  No one is sitting next to me, but if they were I’m sure my statement would ring true.

The scent is strong enough to know that this will taste like lime candy and I’m 100% ok with that.  I probably look like a nut smelling all of the drinks that are brought to me.  Then again I’m also the only person in here on any piece of technology and no one other than my waiter has paid me any mind.  He’s a pretty great waiter by the way, very attentive.  I wish I was better with names so I could remember it.

Wow, that’s a much more violent flavor than the cherry.  I’d rather be dead than red.  I want to be seen in green!  This is straight up carbonated lime candy and I’m happy to say the flavor is strong enough to make my throat feel a little scratchy, which is just the right amount of power to give a soda.  Carbonation levels are perfect, making each sip an absolute joy to take part in.  With each sip the soda overtakes my taste buds more and more to where all I can taste is lime between sips.  

I can’t really call it an aftertaste as it now permeates my being.  It is an all-taste as it’s has bonded with me forever due to its strength.  Thankfull the all-taste has the exact same flavor as the soda.  I want to drink more of this, but I know if I did I’d be too full to write anymore reviews here and I’d like to write at least one more.  

This lime phosphate is so much better than the cherry that I’m questioning if I liked the cherry as much as I said I did.  It’s colorful, powerful, flavorful.  That’s three things it’s “ful” of and consuming it in this environment only makes it taste all the better.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet


This was purchased at Another Time Soda Fountain in Rosenberg, TX