Another Time Soda Fountain - Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

I asked my waiter at Another Time Soda Fountain to recommend something to me for review.  “Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper” was his response.  When I asked what made their Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper different he said that they make it the old fashioned way by combining Dr Pepper, Cherry, and Vanilla syrups then carbonating them.  Judging by the color of what he delivered this truly is something different.

Not a lot of aroma comes off the top of the glass, but I still can’t take my eyes off of the auburn coloring of the soda.  I know what’s in this.  Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper is a known quantity in my mind, but it never looked like this.  I’m sure the camera on my phone didn’t do it justice… just trust me.  Yeah, nothing could go wrong with just trusting me.

Son of a gun that’s a great blend.  All three flavors race towards my tongue and end up in an all out brawl.  From this chaos “Cherry” is the clear winner as he triumphantly stands atop his two battered foes.  Dr Pepper, a very rich version of the drink most are familiar with, is the first to stumble to his knees pushing Vanilla’s face into the dirt as he attempts to stand.

Vanilla is alive.  Vanilla is awake.  Vanilla doesn’t want to get up though.  Even though he’s still on the ground after the brawl you still can’t take your eyes off of him.  Just picture three men in front of you, two standing and one flat on his face.  Which one is going to pull your attention?

Vanilla ultimately lost the fight, but the bruises and marks he left are still apparent on his opponents bodies.  Each sip includes vanilla to the point where it almost seems as if this drink were a float instead of an ice creamless soda.  

The syrup hugs my teeth in delicious fashion, but still pushes me to go brush.  Did I bring gum?  I really hope I brought gum.

Today I was introduced to the way Dr Pepper could really taste if put in the correct hands.  Don’t get me wrong, like most any Texan I like Dr Pepper, but when it’s created in the manner listed above you end up with a bigger, stronger animal.

Another Time Soda Fountain’s Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper is a better version of whatever you imagine it to be.  

Verdict - Buy a Pallet


This was purchased at Another Time Soda Fountain in Rosenberg, TX