Guayaki Brand Yerba Mate Sparkling Classic Gold

Introducing the winner of the “Put a Bunch of Words Together to Make a Soda Name” title… Guayki Brand Yerba Mate Sparkling Classic Gold!  With your victory you’ll be taken on a one way trip down someone’s gullet and then who knows what mysteries await you.  

Twist, you can't enter the contest because you work for the company. 

On this exciting adventure you’ll be able to take as many friends as you wish.  So don’t be shy, invite all your buddies like sparkling filtered water, cane sugar, organic yerba mate extract, organic natural spice flavor, and everyone's favorite… citric acid.  

Being an all natural fair trade soda you are subject to inspection prior to your departure.  Your spice filled aroma will be quantified and enjoyed by not one, but TWO nostrils.  Once your scent has been inhaled in the least creepy manner possible you will begin your journey.

Take your surprisingly watery flavor past the tongue and teeth.  So many famous foods have come this way before you.  Remember that hotdog from 3 years ago, he once walked these very halls.  Since you have such a small amount of carbonation you should have no issue getting him on the tour as well.  Actually now that we've formally met I’m becoming less likely to take in all of your party.  How about you just peek around the corner because your whole group won’t be partaking anymore.  

Sorry for the mixup, but you see when we look at your party and so very uncreepily smelled you we thought you were someone else.  We thought you’d have a robust flavor as so many other yerba mate beverages do, but instead we got you.  Yes, you… don’t try to hide.  The one with the weak flavor, the diet-esque taste, and the limited amount of spice used.  Wait a second… are you regular Tea and Water stacked on top of each other in a trench coat?  Where did you get this spice?  Did you get this from your parents?!  Now you’re ineligible for sure!


Verdict - Buyer Beware


This was purchased for me from World Market