Boots Beverages Coconut Cream Soda

So the last time we met up with Boots they made a dewberry soda that I thought would taste a bit better if it were a dewberry cream soda.  Little did I know that their next soda that I would pull would be of the cream soda variety.  You probably think I remember what I put in my fridge, that’s where you’re terribly, terribly wrong.  So today we have a bottle of Coconut Cream Soda and I’ve gotta tell you I’m a little excited.  This sounds like a unique and tasty idea.

Much like the last bottle there’s a face on the bottle identified as “Aunt Katy”, this one looking more spectral than the last.  The story that coincides with Aunt Katy, written on the bottle, is as follows:

“Boots”, Katy’s little brother, rarely paid her as they struggled to keep the family business going.  To make ends meet, Katy doubled as an ice cream wholesaler.  Her nephew Mark loved the dreamsicles so much he ate up all the profits.  No matter.  They always delivered those small pleasures!

So there you have it.  Another look into the story of Boots.  Honestly, up to this point I thought it was called Boots Beverages because it was made in Texas and you know… cowboys and stuff.  I should have punctuated that last sentence better.  The soda wasn’t made in cowboys to my knowledge.  I’m just gonna open the bottle.

Twist is jealous of the sweet blue cap

A light coconut aroma lifts itself out of the bottle and begins to perk up as time passes by.  The scent only adds to my excitement for this beverage.  Coconut cream works so well as a pie, why shouldn’t it as a soda?  For the record I don’t expect this to taste like the pie at all.

Ok, initially I’m getting more cream taste than coconut, but it seems the aftertaste is heavier on the latter.  Each sip takes a similar path thus far.  It tastes like a cream soda right off the bat.  This familiar taste fades into the background as the coconut comes forward to bow to his parents.  Then he stands on the stage a little too long until it gets awkward.  

Yes the aftertaste lingers a bit longer than I’d like, but it has no cares for my likes and dislikes. It just do what an aftertaste do.  I now sit here long after the carbonation has fizzed way, long after I tasted the cream soda, long after I took a sip.  Still it lingers.  This kid is just frozen.  Staring into the audience unable to move.  Sure, we liked his performance, but we’re ready to go home and watch Doctor Who.  GET OFF THE STAGE!  He won’t and I dislike him more and more for it.

Verdict - Buy a bottle


This was purchased at an HEB grocery store.