Topo Sabores Pineapple

He clearly hasn't tasted it yet.

Take notice creators of fruit flavored soda.  If you don’t have a picture of the fruit your soda is flavored after on your label you’re making me sad.  I LOVE seeing this exact thing, especially if it’s a simplified picture of the fruit.  It just reassures me that I know what the flavor of the soda I’m about to consume will be.


In today's case that is Pineapple by Topo Sabores.  They have placed a tiny pineapple near the neck of the bottle.  Right about where a medallion would go if sodas wore chains.  Topo Sabores is from Mexico and uses cane sugar to sweeten.  They don’t feel the need to plaster “Pure Cane Sugar” or “100% Cane Sugar” or “100% Natural Pure Raw Cane Sugar” on their bottle.  Sweetening with cane sugar is the norm in Mexico, as it should be.

That’s unfortunate.  The scent is a mixture of pineapple and vomit.  While I haven’t tasted this soda yet I KNOW it will not taste like it smells.  It won't taste like vomit, right?  Right?  This is going to taste like a sugary pineapple soda and we’ll all move on with our lives and forget my initial take on the scent.

I’m pleased to say that Topo Sabores Pineapple does not taste like a mixture of pineapple and vomit.  That has to be the saddest declaration I’ve made in a while.  Taste wise there is considerably more cardboard flavoring than I anticipated which is welcome in this case given aroma.

Let’s get through the good points now before I just start hating on this soda. While I don’t really like it there’s no reason for me to harp on what is certainly someone’s favorite soda.  The mouth feel is good and prickly and there is a fun amount of fizz.  I’m happy to say that the bubbles last the entirety of each sip.  

I was incorrect in assuming that this would be sugary sweet as there is an appropriate amount of sweetness within each sip.  There is little to no syrupy mouth feel either.  So it seems like I’ve figured out that the only issue I have with this soda is the flavor.

Sadly flavor carries quite the weight when it comes to reviewing sodas.  In the case of Topo Sabores Pineapple I’m just not able to recommend it.  From the initial smell to the cardboard taste that has yet to go away even though I’m almost done with the bottle, I can’t suggest it.

If you’re a pineapple fan give it a shot, but even then eh.  Just promise me that when you see the bottle on the shelf you’ll think of my face… that way when you taste the soda it’ll be an improvement from your previous state of mind.

Verdict - Buyer Beware


This soda was purchased at Kroger Grocery Stor