Plantation Style Mint Julep

I’m reviewing Plantation Style Mint Julep today and I have some questions right off the bat.  Why did you name your drink that?  Wouldn’t Mint Julep Soda have worked out just fine?  Is your line of drinks named Plantation Style?  If so, why is your line of drinks named Plantation Style?  Are there other Plantation Style beverages out there?  You realize the imagery this portrays right?  A bunch of folks sitting on the porch of their plantation enjoying mint juleps while looking out across their land at other folks not enjoying mint juleps.  Yes, I’m aware not all plantations are those in the South during the Civil War era… but when you pair it with a flavor like mint julep then it most certainly is.

Twist invented the mint julep

Anywho… stupid name aside.  Time to review this Plantation Style Mint Julep soda which has been sweetened with cane sugar.  Right off the bat the most amusing ingredient I see is “flavor”.  They don’t even differentiate between natural or artificial.  I just picture a guy dumping a big barrel with the word “flavor” on it into a vat.  “Did you add that flavor, Johnny?”  “Sure did, Car!”  “Good, don’t want to rob people of flavor.”

This smells like mouthwash, ACT to be precise.  It’s not surprising that it smells like mouthwash being that “mint” is in the name of the drink, but it’s still off putting.  Perhaps the flavor will be refreshing.

Yeah, that’s pretty refreshing.  A light mint soda accented by a citrus burst throughout.  The mint used appears to be spearmint which is complemented easily by the light fizzy carbonation.  Even though there is an overall light mouth-feel about the soda it finishes heavier than I thought it would. It’s not terribly noticeable, but given the light tastes used within I wouldn’t expect it to be there at all.  

They did a good job on making it seem like mint is a normal flavor for a soda.  While odd, it’s not so overpowering that I’m reminded of that with each sip.  The citrus taste, which favors lime, also does well to mask the oddity of mint soda.  With all that said this still really isn’t my thing.  The aftertaste and mouthfeel that I’m left with after each sip would keep me from buying multiples of this soda.  I still suggest seeking out a bottle for yourself, but one is probably enough.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This soda was purchased at World Market