Hello Kitty Ramune Strawberry Soda

Ramune is a Japanese soda that incorporates a marble in the sealing of the beverage.  Hello Kitty is Hello Kitty.  If you combine the two you’re a giant robot away from a Japanese cliche trifecta.  Since I don’t have my own mech I’ll just review this Hello Kitty Ramune Strawberry Soda instead.  The label is very pink with Hello Kitty prominantly featured.  It seems she either has strawberries balanced on her head or they’re supposed to be some sort of bow.  Let’s go with the bow angle.  Oh, this soda is totally chemical...but it’s also Hello Kitty.

One day I’ll be good at these marble openings.  Today was not the day.  Once the marble was removed a burst of strawberry candy aroma hit my nose.  I kind of figured it’d be super sugary, but it’s also Hello Kitty.

Twist is a rejected Sanrio character.

Wow, the carbonation level of Hello Kitty Ramune Strawberry Soda is much higher than I initially expected.  This higher level of fizz cuts the flavor enough to not make it taste like a syrupy mess.  The soda itself is right below the “too sugary” mark that I’ve made up on some imaginary sugar ruler.  You know what this tastes like?  It tastes like you ordered a Strawberry Fanta from some fast food place and their soda fountain has the CO2 and syrup levels wrong.  

I’m finding out that there are times that strawberry soda needs to taste like a syrupy mess and this is one of them.  I want my mouth to be candy coated in strawberry syrup.  I want the aftertaste to linger longer than it should.  I feel like I’m drinking half of a strawberry soda.

What’s somewhat unfair about all this is that I wouldn’t rate this any higher if I got my wishes that I listed above.  No matter how you cut it this has a very generic flavor, like a lot of Ramune, and it just doesn’t stand out...but it also has Hello Kitty.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This soda was purchased at World Market