Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Jasmine Tea

For the most part I’m a supporter of Bruce Cost Ginger Ale.  It definitely ranks up there in the “Most Sediment” category that I’ve just now made up.  The flavor is usually very true to its labeling and the ingredients are always top notch.  Today I’ll be trying their Jasmine Tea.  I’m not big into floral drinks so I’m not exactly sure why I picked this up.  Fortunately(?) I have a stomach ache so this should quell it some at the very least.

The aroma that wafts from this bottle of Ginger Ale Jasmine Tea favors ginger quite a bit.  Personally I was always a Mary Ann guy myself, but I digress.  There is an unmistakable jasmine aroma lurking in the back as well, so it’s nice to see that they didn’t skimp on their featured ingredient.

Twist dated a Jasmine once... ONCE!

This tastes like a whole leaf tea, floral and earthy with tannins.  Ok, I just took that off the label of the bottle.  I wanted to sound fancy before giving you my review using regular words.  Thankfully the label once again does a lot of the work for me.  This tastes like Ginger Ale infused with Jasmine Tea.

The tea flavor really impresses me with how it’s able to stand out with such a strong ginger taste riding along side.  I would not have thought that I’d be able to pick it out at all, but here I am.  Carbonation wise it’s small bunched up fizz that just keeps the beverage lively in my mouth.  It’s a fairly standard mouth feel, but it’s not hurting it in anyway.  This isn’t a particularly sweet beverage, but the cane sugar and sweet jasmine do their jobs well.  You can easily return to the bottle without thinking you’re drinking sugary nonsense.

With true ginger ales you’ll usually have a degree of ginger burn.  This particular burn may be a bit strong for those who are used to Canada Dry or Schweppes, but for the seasoned ginger beer drinker it won’t be an issue.  All in all Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is a good beverage.  The flavors combine well and it’ll help your tummy to boot.  I’d definitely pick up multiples if I were you.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This soda was purchased at World Market