Hippo Size Prodigious Peach

I’m exhausted.  We have a baby that doesn’t like to sleep and it’s wearing on me.  I didn’t even want to do a review tonight, but I remembered seeing a bottle with a hippo on it at some point so I figured what the hey.  This hippo is on a bottle of Hippo Size Prodigious Peach.  Makes enough sense for me to continue.  Hippo Size Prodigious (not a word a sleepy person likes to type over and over again) Peach is sweetened with cane sugar and better be pretty dang good to be worth my while.  I could be sleeping, you know?  For some reason the label says it’s a “Small Bottle. BIG Taste”.  That’s a lie.  It’s a 12oz bottle like every other glass soda bottle out there, it’s just has a wider base so it’s shorter.  Lying is not what you should do to a cranky man, Hippo Size.

Twist raised a pack of hippo children once in the 1700's

If the taste is anything like the smell that jumped out of the mouth, then the label lie may become a half truth.  A pungent peach aroma quickly made its exit and started up my salivary glands.

Half truth confirmed.  Hippo Size Prodigious Peach kicks down the door of my mouth and sprays fizzy peach goodness all around.  It’s got a biting mouthfeel like a cheap grape soda and it’s wonderful.  I love it when a fruit soda makes my mouth feel alive with a sharp carbonation burst.  The peach flavor is quite big, but I wouldn’t call it Big Peach.  You know why, because it’s better than that.  That’s right, this is a great example of what a peach soda should taste like.  It’s full of flavor and has a kick to it with every sip I take.

The downside is that even though it’s sweetened with cane sugar it leaves a syrupy feel within my mouth.  Thankfully this less than pleasant texture is paired with a more than pleasant aftertaste.  I liked Hippo Size Prodigious Peach quite a bit and hope I can find more of their beverages.  They’ve quelled a cranky, sleepless father.  Good on them.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This soda was purchased at World Market