Spiffy Cola

Cartoons from the 20’s and 30’s were kind of weird in a great way.  Have you ever seen a Mickey Mouse cartoon from the 20’s?  He’s kind of a jerk at times, playing the teeth of a goat like a xylophone or using a cat tail as a violin string.  He just got through the depression so some slack could be given, but there’s a darker undertone to cartoons of that time.  

Twist is showing fear.

The mascot on this bottle of Spiffy Cola has that same happy yet somewhat deranged expression on his face.  Slick hair, rosy cheeks, and a playful expression should be seen as fun, yet his eyes are cold and calculating as if you hint that something negative might befall you if you don’t enjoy his cane sugar sweetened Spiffy Cola.  According to the label Spiffy is “A Swell Cola Drink” and has been around since 1934.  There’s also a sentence on the side that reads:

“Striving to be world famous and quite swell, Spiffy delights the senses with the refreshing and invigorating taste of cola.  Enjoy and ice cold one today.”

You know what I like about that?  That Spiffy Cola doesn’t claim to be made just like it was “in the good old days”.  They’ve updated their recipe, but probably tried to keep their taste as close as possible.  Good for them for not having that nonsense on their bottle.  That’s just swell.

I don’t like that it’s a twist cap though.  Picky I know, but I don’t.  A robust cola scent travels quite easily from the bottle’s mouth.  Things are looking good for Spiffy Cola and I’m not just saying that to keep this disembodied head from haunting my dreams.

Good for Spiffy.  That’s a wonderful cola and soda in general.  A rich flavorful cola taste envelops my mouth with each swig.  It seeks out all possible oral crevices and fills it with one of the best colas I’ve had to date.  The carbonation fizzes right along side creating a fun mouth feel while simultaneously keeping this rich cola light and enjoyable.  Not since Pig Iron Cola have I had a cola that creates a taste this powerful.  There is a bit of a syrupy feel after each sip, but the flavor is too enjoyable for me to care all that much.  This syrupy feel causes minimal accidental teeth grit, if you know what I’m talking about.  

You know how around Thanksgiving and Christmas a lot of foods are richer versions of the original?  It tastes like Spiffy Cola is what you should be drinking at that time.  Who has time for Polar Bears and Coke when Spiffy Cola with its brash attitude, powerful taste, and creepy 1930’s cartoon head are around?

Verdict - Buy a Pallet


I purchase this soda at World Market