Blue Plate Special Peach Cobbler Soda

Twist is such a peach... well at least 7% of Twist is biologically peach.

I love cobbler.  In my world the order is: cobbler > pie > cookies > cake > cup cakes > cookie cakes.  My favorite cobbler is blackberry, but it most definitely must be coupled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Sadly, todays drink is not blackberry cobbler flavored.  Thankfully it’s peach cobbler flavored, or at least it claims to be.  According to the ingredients Blue Plate Special sweetens with cane sugar and flavors with vague ideas.  I’m sure it would take a special chemical combination to get a good peach cobbler soda, so I’m willing to let that slide… only if it’s good though.

The scent that punches my nose is more peach than cobbler.  It’s impressively peach though, to the point where it’s easily comparable to the real thing.  This makes me happy, but a bit worried that the cobbler taste won’t be as strong as it needs to be.

That’s peach soda.  There is very little if any cobbler taste.  There is very little if any ice cream taste.  There is a whole lot of peach taste.  Second to only Big Peach is the strength of the fruit flavor created by Blue Plate Special.  It doesn’t taste too sugary; the carbonation levels are low but appropriate.  All in all it’s a pretty good peach soda.  

It does hang around my mouth a bit longer than I’d like it to.  Thankfully the after taste is pleasant enough that I don’t really mind.  Overall it’s a solid beverage, but it’s not peach cobbler.  No cinnamon, no all-spice, nothing.  Such a shame.  If this had even the slightest hint of cobbler taste I’d rate it one level higher.  Alas it does not, so be aware of that fact.

Verdict - Buy a bottle


This soda was purchased at World Market