Soda Boy Strawberry Cream

I've never heard of Soda Boy soda.  I’m sure there’s several sodas out there that I haven’t heard of, but I figured I’d know about something called Soda Boy.  Either way today I’m reviewing a bottle of Soda Boy Strawberry Cream.  The smirking kid in the way too small blue hat assures me that it’s a “Quality Beverage”.  I’m sorry, but I don’t trust him.  It could be a quality beverage, but his face just screams Tom Sawyer mischief and I’m not all that keen on painting fences.  

Looking at the ingredients I see that Soda Boy uses cane sugar as a sweetener.  Perhaps ol’ Tommy S. wasn't lying about quality.  It also includes natural AND artificial flavors.  How very vague!  Why do I have this bucket of whitewash in my hand?

Twist has the heart of a Soda Boy...literally.  Don't ask.

Before I open and huff this I must say that the color of Soda Boy Strawberry Cream is a delightful pink with just the faintest hues of purple.  It really is an attractive soda to the eye.  Hopefully the scent is equally enticing.

The kid on the bottle is wearing a blue cap and the bottle cap is BLUE!  I love it!  Why didn't I notice it sooner?!  Anywho, an aroma that smells of strawberry Nerds leaps out of the bottle and starts assaulting my nostrils.  It’s quite pungent and has me a little worried that the sweetness will overtake the strawberry cream flavor.  My wife says it smells like when you just open a Kool-Aid packet and the powder goes up your nose.  She’s accurate in her assessment.

For a first sip that was really average.  It tastes of sugar, strawberry, and cardboard.  It’s an over candied strawberry soda which is really unfortunate.  The cream is completely overshadowed by the sugary strawberry taste.  Strawberry cream can be done correctly and when it is it’s wonderful.  In the case of Soda Boy Strawberry Cream all you taste is the sugar.  On the plus side it’s not a very syrupy soda.  Strawberry sodas are usually sugary syrupy messes and Soda Boy is half way there.  

It also has a taste that I can only describe as cardboard like.  Some sodas to me have a cardboard aftertaste, I honestly don’t know why, and this is one of them.  Orange Frostie’s also have this taste to me at the beginning of each bottle, but by the end of it I’m craving more like it’s giving me control of time and space.  Sadly, Soda Boy Strawberry Cream’s cardboard aftertaste isn't going away.

This isn't a terrible soda, but it is a sugary mess.  Perhaps if the carbonation were stronger the sweetness would be cut enough for this to be more enjoyable.  I’d still pick up another Soda Boy soda.  I need SOMETHING to drink after painting this fence.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This soda was purchased from World Market