Blue Plate Special Red Velvet Cake Soda

Ever had a red velvet cake?  If not you really should try some.  The cake is always so rich and the cream cheese icing is really the icing on the cake.  For those of you who have had red velvet cake how many of you wanted to liquify it and drink it?  Three of you?  One of you is a child and another is clearly on some sort of drug.  So that leaves you, Theodore.  Theodore wants red velvet cake to be a part of everything in life apparently… even our sodas.  Well lucky for him Blue Plate Special Red Velvet Cake Soda is a thing that exists in this reality.  It’s sweetened with cane sugar and made with all sorts of chemicals.  That enough introduction for me; let’s get to drinkin’.

Oh Mylanta.  That smells like cake.  This soda smells like cake.  Like CAKE.  What contract with the devil did they sign to make this soda smell like cake.  Theodore, what have you done?!  Who did you kill to make this possible?  Why are you grinning like that with red velvet cake all over your face?  That is cake, right?

Even Twist is uncomfortable with this level of black magic.

Whatever Theodore did it worked like gangbusters.  Here I thought this was going to be some sad facsimile of red velvet cake taste, but no this is the real thing right down to the cream cheese icing.  How many people did you massacre, Theodore?  Each sip is rich, smooth, and has a hint of chocolate to it.  The chocolate flavoring isn’t strong enough to overpower the red velvet cake taste, but enhances the reality of what I’m drinking.

The carbonation levels used her are low… because who ever heard of a carbonated cake?  I can taste the cream cheese icing.  Have I said that yet?  Theodore, put down the knife.  So very often these “food” flavored beverages fall short of their real world counterpart.  Blue Plate Special Red Velvet Cake Soda nailed it to the point where it’s creeping me out a little… much like Theodore.  This isn’t something you would drink this with hot dogs, duck, or any meal really.  This is quite literally a dessert soda.  A desert soda that knocks it out of the park.  

So how do I rate Blue Plate Special Red Velvet Cake Soda?  As I’ve said many times now, it replicates the flavor very well and has minimal downside.  Since it’s such an accurate representation you end up with a very sweet, slightly syrupy soda.  That’s all I could say.  I guess the label art could look cooler, but I’m just picking nits at this point.  Truth be told the flavor started to show its seams as I was finishing the bottle, but everything stayed sewn together well enough for me.  Sewn together like Theodores creepy Red Velvet Cake dog.  I’m not even sure how he created it, but it’s just another case of classic Theodore.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet


This soda was purchased at World Market