Jeff's Vanilla Soda

Twist is anything but vanilla.  Still, he's impressed... can't you tell?

The best bottled chocolate soda I’ve ever had was Jeff’s Chocolate Soda.  Imagine the glee on my face when I found Jeff’s Vanilla Soda at my local World Market.  Now reduce that glee about 10% because I prefer chocolate to vanilla.  Jeff’s Vanilla Soda, much like its brethren, is unique in the fact that it’s made with milk.  Ingredients three and four are milk and cream so I’m guessing this is going to be a fairly smooth beverage.  It’s also 97% fat free in case you were worried about that sort of thing.  

Upon opening I’m greeted with the aroma of vanilla extract.  It’s quite the pleasant yet pungent scent that just entices me to consume it immediately.  So I think I’ll do just that.

Son of a gun that’s good.  It’s like carbonated vanilla ice cream that melted in your fridge.  So incredibly rich and creamy, there’s really nothing like it that I’ve found on the market.  Jeff’s Vanilla Soda is a bit thicker than your standard sodas, but this of course is due to the milk and cream used in its creation.  This thickness may be a bit odd for you upon taking your first swig.  You should keep drinking it because in no time you’ll get used to the mouth feel and truly begin to appreciate what you’re drinking.  

The carbonation levels are also lower than what you might expect, but in this case it just enhances the smooth, smooth, deliciousness that is Jeff’s Vanilla Soda.  I do think they could be a little stronger without losing any of the other aspects of the soda.  It would also allow it to feel a little bit lighter while having a fun mouth feel.

If you’re a fan of cream soda this needs to be in your hand right now.  It may be too heavy for you, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t even try it.  Prior to beginning this review I didn’t think there would be any way the vanilla soda would meet the excellence of the chocolate.  I was wrong.  It matches it turn for turn while being a completely different experience.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet