Squirt with Sugar

Let’s address the elephant in the room first.  The title of this review is really odd, but it fits the format of other common sodas I’ve reviewed that were sweetened with sugar.  Moving on.  So you wanna Squirt with sugar do ya?  Well I’ve got the bottle for you!  Seriously, look at that bottle.  Appreciate the corkscrew base and gaze upon the simplicity of the label.  This is one of the best soda bottles I’ve seen in a long time.  

Twist later married this bottle of Squirt.  Shortly thereafter a murder investigation began as the bottle had been drained of all life.

The beverage inside is obviously Squirt which is a citrus soda that favors the grapefruit.  I picked this up because of the interesting design and because I think a citrus soda has more to gain being sweetened with sugar.  Citrus sodas are some of the most refreshing out there and removing the syrupy feel of HFCS could really boost that refreshment factor.  I can’t wait to find out.

A mostly grapefruit aroma leaves the mouth of the bottle upon opening.  There’s a vague citrus smell as well, but grapefruit is clearly the key player.

Crisp, clean, cool.  Squirt made me write out words that you’d see in a 90’s advertisement.  My first sip brought in a punch of citrus taste that was tart but not overly so.  Oddly enough I liken the flavor to Sprite if grapefruit were the third ingredient.  Oh, and if Sprite were good.  SICK BURN! YEAH HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND! WOOOO!

The carbonation levels backing this taste were perfect as well.  Small groups of bubbles rush about my mouth making sure all corners have felt their fizzy wrath.  Once they vanish over the horizon it’s within a minute that my mouth resets and is ready to take another sip and experience it as if it were my first.  Like I said… crisp, clean, cool.  Oh yeah, it’s also very refreshing.  Let me just shoehorn that fact in here as well.  Speaking of...when’s the last time you used a shoehorn?

With all this good there is some bad.  Since grapefruit is the flavor at hand get ready for a little bit of bitter with each of your gulps.  It’s not really a big deal, but some might be put off a little bit by it.  Since it does taste a lot like Sprite you may be underwhelmed by your experience.  Even though I liked it I will say that it’s similarity to the lymon beverage did bring me down a bit.  Still a pretty great soda though.

Verdict - Buy a Pack