Gross Gus's Dragon Drool

I hold in my hand the final gift from my two friends Alice and Diane.  Our journeys in life have taken us different directions to never meet again.  Their parting gift was a bottle of Gross Gus’s Dragon Drool which could better be identified as a black licorice soda.  “Black licorice is disgustin’” you yell.  “You uncultured rube” I respond.  Ok, perhaps that was a bit harsh, but I do realize that a lot of folks hate licorice in any form.  I am not one of those people.  I like Blackjack chewing gum, the black jelly beans, and yes actual black licorice.  So here’s hoping that Dragon Drool will Dragon RULE!!! OH YEAH SEE WHAT I DID!!!!!!!  I’m so very sorry, there is now a baby in our lives and I’m seriously short on sleep.

This smells of the black jelly beans one might find around Easter time.  I have no proof of it, but I'm pretty sure my mom would slowly eat all my black jelly beans.  My love of licorice is genetic and it may have had a negative effect on my jelly bean accumulation.

Twist bottled his drool once.  It was 160 proof.

THIS IS LIQUID BLACK JELLY BEANS!  Ok, let me expound on that a bit.  The flavor that is hitting my tongue does indeed resemble that of a candy black licorice.  Not the real deal stuff you find at an Olde Tyme Candye Shoppe (you know it’s good because of the e’s), but the kind you might associate with gum and jelly beans.  Sadly the taste Dragon Drool holds isn’t quite as strong as one aforementioned candies.  There is a slight dilution at work here, but the overall idea is still delivered well.

Oddly enough there is a hint of “diet chemical” taste that appears every now and again.  Ultimately it works its way back into the flavor trying to be forgotten, but you won’t forget.  The carbonation is on the stronger side working along with the tastes it has been paired with.  Not overly bubbly, but still very noticeable with each sip.

Gross Gus’s Dragon Drool is so very close to being an amazing soda.  Sadly it’s weakened flavor and occasional odd chemical taste keep it from achieving perfection.  With two strikes against it Dragon Drool still manages to hit a triple in the basketball game of life.  Sports.

Verdict -  Buy a Pack