Crush Peach


How did we not review Crush Peach? Have we finally reached the point that something fairly common on grocery store shelves isn't good enough for us? Probably not. Honestly it's so common at this point I thought we already did it.

I got Crush Peach the other night, again, thinking I was the one of us that did not have it yet, however was wrong. Now that you know the riveting back story on this, allow me to cut to the chase: this is the best peach soda I've had.

Orange Crush is my favorite (chemical filled) orange soda, so I only expected the best from this, and it delivered. For some reason, despite Orange Crush's mild carbonation, I was worried that this would have heavier bubbles. That seems to be a trend with peach sodas, or at least my memory is telling me that. Thankfully this has mild carbonation like orange crush.

Of course there is really no way for me to tell since I've already had it, however I think that if you were someone really into soda (or at least really into Orange Crush) you'd actually be able to tell this was a Crush soda. There's just something about the combination of sweetness levels, the slight "tang" in the flavor, and as mentioned the carbonation, that makes me think of Crush. 

So, yeah, it's great. Peach soda was kind of a novelty to me before, since there really wasn't a good go-to for me. Now with Crush Peach, this becomes as normal a flavor choice as an orange soda.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet

- Mike E.