Swamp Pop Noble Cane Cola

As a Texan there are two states we primarily make fun of, Oklahoma and Louisiana.  Now don’t get your feathers in a ruffle if you’re from one of those states as I’m sure you make fun plenty of Texas, heck the entire country does at some time or another.  Today’s soda is Louisiana based and in different circumstances I’d probably poke fun, but in the case of Swamp Pop Noble Cane Cola I think I’ll play nice.  My primary reason for playing nice is that the makers of Swamp Pop are showing state pride in the naming of their beverage.  The swamps of Louisiana are a well-known property of the state and I just can’t fault anyone for loving their state so much they worked it into the name of their product.  Since they’re practically putting their state on the label I can only hope they take the same pride and put it into their soda.

Swamp Pop Noble Cane Cola has a very retro label.  When I say “retro” in this case I mean it looks like something you’d see in a general store of years past.  At least one of the ingredients is from years past as well.  Obviously as a “cane cola” Swamp Pop is sweetened with Louisiana cane sugar.  A few other ingredients that make up this soda include sodium benzoate, Quillaja extract, and “natural flavors”.  So you see Swamp Pop isn’t an all-natural soda, but they’re certainly not run of the mill either.  Hopefully that will translate into the taste.

Twist on his porch enjoying a cool bottle of Swamp Pop

Well they’ve already found favor with me in using the pop-top method rather than twist off.  Cola sno-cone is the aroma I’m getting when I place my nostril to the mouth of the bottle.  It’s an interesting scent with a hint of spearmint.  My excitement is rising to try this potentially unique cola.

Well that’s kind of fun.  The Quillaja extract, something I’ve never run into before, is giving Noble Cane Cola a taste that is uncommon to any cola I’ve had.  While a cola at heart, I’m getting a rather dirty, rooty taste as well.  Don’t take “dirty” as a negative; it’s just a rather raw earthy taste with the smallest hints of a licorice twist at the end.  Thankfully the carbonation is a background player in this performance, keeping the mouth-feel rather smooth for a cola.  This allows me to easily take in the flavors presented before me.

My mouth is left with a bit of a flavored coating, but since it mirrors the original taste I have no qualms with that.  It really is a strange cola, but it gets me excited to try more of their line up as it shows they really want to have a different product on the market.  So many colas are just knock-offs that are trying to get into an already over populated taste type.  Swamp Pop Noble Cane Cola didn’t even try to taste like the other guys and took a risk in doing so.  Personally I think the risk was worth it.  Sure, it’s a little syrupy and the flavor might not agree with all cola enthusiasts, but all in all this is a pretty solid soda.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


Edit:  The flavor was FIGS!  I went to their website to double check something and found out that this cola is flavored with figs.  Wow, I'm happy I went into this blind, but I feel like I led you astray.  Ah well, now you know...well those of you who read reviews twice.

This soda was supplied to us by Swamp Pop